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It all happened too soon. It was only a couple of days ago, when she collapsed from a stroke that I was scowling at my friends for spreading false news that she was dead. Now, she’s really gone. She was an extraordinary person whose movies have touched me in a way unimaginable. She was a beautiful person with an inspiring soul. I have yet to accept the reality that we’ll never see or hear her telling her remarkable stories again. Stories told from her heart.

She will be terribly missed. All of us are responsible now, as Yasmin had passed the torch to each and every one of us. She truly touched our lives by showing and teaching us how to be true Malaysians. And most importantly, she taught us not to judge but to feel. Let’s not let her down. Let’s carry on her legacy and make her proud.

“She fought the good fight. If we fail to heed what she lived and fought for, then we have failed her.” – Ted Lim

That is how we should celebrate the life of the courageous, compassionate and visionary Yasmin Ahmad.

Goodbye, dearest Anak Bangsa Malaysia. You will always be in our hearts.

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