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It’s that time of year again where we celebrate the turning over of one lunar year to the next by reuniting with family members, stuffing ourselves with sweets, treats and meats, setting off deafening firecrackers, fending off nosy questions from relatives while simultaneously enjoying receiving red packets from the same individuals.

Perhaps to usher in the Year of the Golden Rooster in as auspicious a fashion as possible, brands seem to have gone all out this year. Since the middle of the month we’ve been treated to a wide variety of Chinese New Year ads, running the gamut from heart-touching stories with timeless values to lighthearted irreverent all-out fun.

Lets enjoy some together!

TNB’s Cooking Hustle

A light-hearted take on the dynamics of the mother and daughter in law relationship, this sumptuously produced ad meshes period drama appeal with high tech graphic wizardry.

Watsons #HappyBeautifulYear

One of a few of ads using a music video format, this colorful, high-energy offering pays homage to Hong Kong TVB by combining a catchy tune with an ensemble cast of familiar faces.

Maxis Money That Grandma Owes Me

A cute little boy and his equally cute grandma star in this sweet low-key ad that hits all the right notes. The best part is that the angpow in the ad, which is plantable, is actually available to consumers!

BSN Terjemahan Lagu Gong Xi Gong Xi

BSN has been creating really funny ads around its character Kucing Happy that are simply too endearing not to watch. Kucing Happy is back with an entire CNY entourage this time telling you what you never thought u needed to know – the meaning behind the lyrics of evergreen CNY tune Gong Xi Gong Xi.

Bobo Fish Ball

Did you see these on Facebook thinking they were from a well-known brand? This ad is one of two sincere, well-produced efforts that feature really cute kids and very relatable situations.

Now if these ads have reminded you that you still need to send New Year’s greetings out to kith and kin, we’re here to help with a Chinese New Year campaign of our own.

Crack-A-Doodle-Do gives you the choice of 15 free templates for greeting cards ready and waiting for your doodles and wishes of prosperity, abundance and good health. So get cracking!

From all of us at Gan4Hire, have an egg-cellent Lunar New Year!
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Don’t want to miss out on the weekly shots of branding? Subscribe to our e-newsletter.

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