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Brands have been more inclusive ever since globalization came into existence. And as the years has passed since our village became global, we have come into an age where everyone is screaming about their rights and their individuality. There are many barriers to consider when it comes to reaching out – culture, tradition, weight, height, weather, hemisphere… the list just seems to go on and on.

But that being said, here’s the reason why the topic came up in the first place. A certain beer brand made an event here in Malaysia. They invited a popular international music band, and featured upcoming local artists. But only 40% of the population were allowed entry. Why? Because 60% of the population aren’t allowed to drink beer.

We do not condemn the beer brand to do so. We know they probably have very good reasons for it. But it doesn’t hurt to try to be inclusive.


In Europe, beer brands were faced with a similar fate. They weren’t allowed to become an official sponsor for sports teams because they are a beer brand.

So Sagres, a beer brand from Portugal, found a way that allowed them to continue on to be a sponsor for the Portuguese national football team, and major Portuguese football clubs such as Benfica and Braga.


They introduced Sagres Zero, a non-alcoholic beer that didn’t abandon the people who enjoy the taste of their main product. And it’s even vegan friendly.

They know that it’s not really ideal a beer brand that promotes sports. So they decided to come up with a product to continue their sponsorship in football and even entered a market they otherwise won’t be able to reach, especially countries that forbid alcohol consumption.

Alcohol crowd, check. Non-alcoholic crowd, check. Vegan crowd, also check.


K-deer is a great example of a brand that is inclusive. They are a high performance luxury active wear that understood that 67% of the population in America wear sizes 14 and above. It was a problem most of them faced when they want to work out. So they created fun designs that caters for the whole family. From extra small to quadruple XL.


But not only did they cater to people of all sizes, they also catered to people of ages and genders. Plus point, they are also eco-friendly.

Although what they did was curbing a problem that was occurring within their own borders, there were also others around the world who had to tailor-make their own clothes to cater to their sizes. Thus they utilized a means that was introduced due to the emergence of the global village – shipping.

Americans, check. People around the world, check. People who cares about the environment, also check.


Winning people’s hearts can also be done at a smaller scale. Before moving in to a new town, Tesco always asks potential customers what they wanted in a store. An example was when they opened a chain in Slough, a town in England. Most of them asked for food and goods from Poland and Pakistan. And Tesco duly delivered.

Catering to the needs of people within close proximity, check.

I know that there’s a famous saying, that there is no such thing as “bad” publicity. But as the world got smaller, the number of audiences to cater became wider. So would you want to be seen as a brand that discriminates or accepts? Inclusive or polarising?

Every brand has a potential to be bigger than they already are, and cater to audiences beyond their current reach. Just imagine the influx of reach, the needs you can fulfil, and the amount of doors you will be able to open.

How would your brand reach out beyond your specific audience?
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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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