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Why Tone of Voice is Important to Your Brand

Maya Angelou once said, “People don’t always remember what you say or even what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel.”

Imagine if someone was abrasive or officious in manner to you upon first meeting. Even if what they said was not intended to cause offence, you would immediately dislike them. That’s why tone of voice is very important in creating a good first impression.

People can be very sensitive to language, and impressions are formed as soon as they begin to hear or read words. So what we say is important because the right words can persuade and influence while the wrong ones can be a massive turn off.

The correct tone of voice can also personify a brand’s spirit, values and culture in just a few words. For example the slogan “Just Do It” perfectly personifies Nike’s can-do spirit, inspiring a positive feeling in consumers and sparked the magic that makes Nike one of the highest profile athletic brands in the world.

If you can establish a brand voice and employ it consistently across a range of mediums, it can give you an edge in an oversaturated marketplace. So here’s why tone of voice is incredibly important for your brand and business.


It helps you stand out

Just like with human beings, a personality will help your brand stand out. A good example is Nando’s Malaysia. Always quick, witty and relatable, their advertising and social media sets a golden standard for great tone of voice in the F&B market. Their lively and engaging work also goes viral a lot. In this day and age, when your customers are sharing your work, you’ve truly made it.


It humanizes your business

Automation is the future, but most of us prefer still prefer talking to actual human beings, don’t we, especially when it comes to fixing a problem? Giving your brand a personality can give your customers something to communicate and bond with. Start by figuring out the personality of your brand as a physical human – are they young or old? Male or female? What would they look like? How would they deal with problems? What are they like – curious and enthusiastic? Sophisticated and classy? Wild and crazy? Decide, then work on a voice that reflects this identity.


It inspires affection and loyalty

Innocent is a drinks brand that does a great job at being really human. They talk to their customers the way you would talk to your friends (minus the swearing!) and they are frequently lauded as a brand that has a great tone of voice. An honest and approachable voice, in plain language (as opposed to jargon-heavy bland corporate speak) can build emotional connections, and makes it more likely that a customer will talk to you. This is nothing to laugh at because customers who feel emotionally connected to a brand are four times as likely to make a purchase.


It conveys authority

If you’re confident and can convey your confidence accurately, this helps customers believe that you’re an authority in your subject and can offer genuine value. Thus they are far more likely to believe what you say. To build authority, your tone of voice needs to be consistent – something unsure or constantly changing will undermine the confidence a customer feels in your brand.


Have you figured out your brand’s voice? Let us know if you need a hand!

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