end of the world

More than Christmas and the New Year itself, the apocalyptic prediction of the Mayan Civilisation is stealing the show. Sales of canned goods are skyrocketing and everyday citizens are sending personal emails to top professors and even NASA scientists to seek clarity and evidence of such a predicament.

But businesses know no fear. So in the face of extinction, stop scrambling and man up, for the deals of a lifetime await you.

5# Mayan ‘End of The World’ Auto Loan Special
Who better to benefit from the end of the days than banks? Want a loan you don’t need to pay off? If the world ends you won’t need to. That’s the promise South Carolina-based credit union Latitude32 is making this year with its “Mayan End of the World Auto loan Special”. Repayments unnecessary if we all meet an untimely demise. Nice.

4# The Last Friday
Hey, if the world is ending we might as well enjoy it right? Worldwide chain TGI Friday’s is playing host to “The Last Friday” where you can while away your last hours with a basin-like cocktail and a platter of potato skins.

3# Doomsday Bunker

One of the most frustrating parts about preparing for the apocalypse—beyond, you know, the idea that it’ll never happen—is the expense of housing meant to survive the end of times. The end of the world, after all, is no excuse to waste money unnecessarily.

2# Mayans strike again
For $79,000 per couple, the Rosewood Mayakoba in Riviera Maya offers “The Ultimate New Beginning” package, which includes a spiritual cleansing with a Mayan shaman priest along with a private helicopter ride to a tour of architectural sites led by an archaeologist. Rejuvenate your senses and your soul in a style fitting of the end of the world.

1# The End is Coming

Bet you didn’t see this coming? Double pun intended. Durex just had to go out of their way to cash in on the end of the world and who’s to blame them. If our time has come (ahem) we might as well get warm and cozy with our current squeeze and soak all the love we can muster in this world.

Remember guys, at the end of the day, no matter the situation, there will always be a way to make the best of it.

Happy Holidays!

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