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“Don’t have enough funds to establish your own startup? Crowdfund it,” replied my friend while we were discussing the financial hurdles of establishing my own startup company.

Arguably the fastest and easiest way to fund your startup, crowdfunding is essentially an online fundraising campaign. An interested party present their big idea on a crowdfunding website and make a request to the world to make contribution should they believe in the idea presented. There have been multiple success crowdfunding stories, some of the most notable ones being the Pebble watch.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It definitely is, but here’s the catch; just like you, there are thousands of others who will be pleading their cases on more than 80 different crowdfunding sites.

With all that competition, you need to stand out. You need to tell your story well in order to convince potential contributors to support you. That’s right; you need an effective branding strategy. Branding is more than just a pretty logo. Branding is the first contact point between your customers and your business. Branding is the story you have to tell about your business.

Here are three successful crowdfunding stories that branded themselves well.

1.  The Veronica Mars Movie Project

This one is pretty straightforward; the cast and production crew of the renowned TV series literally had a great story to tell! To realise their dream of making a movie for Veronica Mars, the team turned to crowdfunding. With an already established fan base, the only challenge left for them was to ensure that the movie is worth the money to fund.

2.  Coolest Cooler

The Coolest Cooler won the hearts of many not just because they have the coolest name, but their idea is actually pretty darn brilliant. Who would have thought that it is absolutely possible to fit nine different gadgets into a cooler? Branding the Coolest cooler as a portable party disguised as a cooler, the creators claimed it to be the 21st century cooler, and we agree to that. The amazing branding strategy of the Coolest Cooler turned an often overlooked product into one of the most funded products of all time because they managed to raise $13 million to make their idea happen.

3.   3Doodler

One of the most iconic crowdfunding campaigns of all time, the aptly named 3Doodler branded itself as “the 3D printing pen you can hold in your hand.” While 3D printing technology is still a tad far from being accessible to end-consumers, this product positioned itself as a leap across the timeline and a unique creativity tool for the artistic ones. 3Doodler’s strategy created an impression that they offer a new medium for creative expression, and it worked. The founders raised an astonishing $2.4 million of the $30,000 goal. Nothing is impossible if you brand right!

If you can dream it, you can talk about it. The fate of your crowdfunding campaign lies in your video pitch which in turn lies in your branding. It only makes sense to invest heartily on your silver bullet because for all we know, that’s your one shot to turn that big idea of yours into business.

What’s the story of your big idea?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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