You know, sometimes showing is better than saying. And I found the perfect video to show clients to demonstrate how a brand needs to be engaging in social conversations across a multitude of social media.

This is an interesting video on why brands need to start engaging in social media conversations. Everyone knows they need as many Brand Advocates as possible, but as always, most brands rarely take any additional action to help create more of them. Things like time, budgets and skill sets always get in the way. But more so now than ever, brands need to make the time to harvest online conversations because increased sales are waiting…

Creating brand advocates can be easier than you think and with social media, that influence is powered 10x, 20x 100x 5000x depending on the size of the advocates network. So just imagine what customers would think when you tweet your frustration about your new mobile phone and then the company, say DiGi, starts tweeting back with live help… You only have to tweet back once for your entire network to know DiGi just saved the day for you!

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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