Millennials. The scourge of employers, the narcissistic, ego-centric, I-obsessed generation who refuse to move out of their parents’ houses. Yet, it is an inevitable fact of life that everyone grows up eventually, even those who spend their entire lives running from the trappings of adulthood.

Thus, many millennials have now become parents. Unsurprisingly, many studies find that millennial moms approach parenting somewhat differently from the generations that came before, important information for brands hoping to appeal to the millennial market.

As a millennial mom, this writer is in a position to tell you that all the research is right about some things, among them being:

We are online.

Specifically, on our phones. A lot of times, especially in the early days, moms are isolated in their own homes, spending a majority of their day looking after their little ones. Mobiles offer not just a window to the world but a means to get things done. We do our research online through reviews, forums, blogs and social media. We’ve definitely bought baby clothes online. We might have bought other groceries. We’re members of at least a few Facebook parent groups that we interact with on a regular basis. Brands have to consider marketing strategies that can put them everywhere at once if millennial moms are a target demographic.

We prioritize values over price.

Millennials, being generally more informed and savvier also prize a brands’ values over price. Safety being a priority, we will pay premium prices for organic, wholesome food products and quality baby gear, especially those recommended by peers.

We listen to our friends.

Moms are found to reach out to their peers through social media and forums even more often than they Google and other moms’ recommendations hold greater weight than celebrity pediatricians, other “experts” and advertising. Being connected all day long means we interact with media all day long as well. So, it may be worthwhile for brands to leverage on real mom’s opinions to create content that hits home.

We like pretty.

We’re the Instagram generation, right? So, when we became parents, those selfies morphed into baby (-fies?). But the principals remain – we all love a beautiful picture. Moms love aspirational images – seeing the parts of motherhood that are funny and uplifting and sweet helps reassure us that the bad times won’t last forever.

But we also like to keep it real.

Everyone likes reassurance that they are not alone in their struggles. So as much as moms love the positive, pretty and uplifting, we also prize authenticity. Real talk about the sleepless nights, the challenges of returning to work, of dealing with over-aggressive mother-in-laws. After all, motherhood is a tough job and expectations are sky-high so there is comfort knowing that every new mom faces challenges and that in the end, it is all worth it.

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