This Saturday we celebrate the unification of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak into the Malaysia we know and love today.

The upcoming Malaysia Day got us thinking – what does it mean to be Malaysian? How do we become better Malaysians and make Malaysia a better country?

Are we Malaysian simply by virtue of being born Malaysian? Is it our innate ability to appreciate durian? Or to eat at any time of the day? Is it in our tidak apa attitude? Or in how we frantically embrace our Malaysian-ness when something awesome happens, but equally frantically disavow our country when things don’t turn out the way we want?

No country is bereft of its problems. And as individual citizens, it’s easy to feel helpless. To feel like as just one person, we can’t change anything. It’s much easier to point fingers. To pass the buck. To sneer and jeer and say “I knew it”. To be a keyboard warrior.

But change cannot happen over night. And it cannot happen if we don’t start with ourselves.

We are all pieces of a jigsaw called Malaysia. Simply by living, breathing, working, eating, raising our families here, we make up this country. And we have a responsibility to create the Malaysia we want.

We don’t believe in passing the buck. In complaining and blaming others when things aren’t going well. In blaming our differences for dividing us. We believe everyone can play a role.

And one thing that we can all do is to shift our attitudes towards difference. Instead of fearing what’s different, let’s embrace. Instead of allowing our differences to divide us, let’s celebrate. Let’s cherish our differences in the knowledge that underneath it all, we are all Malaysians.

To do our part, we launched One Nation Fits All, a movement that subscribes to the belief that no action is too small to serve as a symbol of unity. Our mission: To unite Malaysians one T-shirt at a time.

We believe that we are all cut from a different cloth, but it is this diversity that gives the social fabric of Malaysia its beauty and strength.

So our customizable T-shirts give you space to shout out what’s unique about you, celebrating our individual differences while celebrating what unites us: Malaysia. And this venture is only the beginning of many unity initiatives to come.

For Malaysia Day, we’ve created a special T-shirt design highlighting how each Malaysian state, unique in its own right, is ultimately a component that makes up this beautiful country. Find out how you can win one on our social channels! :)


So this Malaysia Day, let’s celebrate the fact that we are all Malaysian. We are all Malaysia.

We’d love you to join our movement. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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