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Trick Or Treating You To Our Fave Halloween Ads

All Hallows’ Eve, a day where ghouls and ghosts are believed to roam free in the land of the living, is just around the corner. In reality, Halloween has become a wonderful excuse for all of us to host the greatest costume parties you will ever witness.

Like every other festivity, it is also a wonderful opportunity for all sorts of brands to increase sales for whatever product they may be pushing, be it candy or couches. So it comes to no surprise that Halloween is accompanied with some fun ads that leverage on the festivities.

In true Bullet spirit (the ghostly kind), we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Halloween ads for you to feast on whilst you munch on your trick or treat candy!

Give Out The Good Stuff by SNICKERS

No one wants to be left hanging this Halloween, so make sure you give out the good stuff!

Hot Girl vs Zombie by AXE

The AXE Effect is exactly what you need this Halloween. If it can help Freddy Kruger get a chick, it can definitely help you too.

Save Your Skin by LUX

Not only good for silky smooth skin, this LUX commercial ensures that it will also SAVE your skin. Quite a slippery promise in my opinion!

Dressing Up Hot by MINI

Everyone wants to dress up hot on Halloween, even your beat up car!

Happy Halloween by SHARPIE

There’s no need to get back to the drawing board when your ad is as simple and fun as this one.

Scary Halloween by PEPSI

Nothing scares your customers more than seeing your awesome brand dressed up at the competition!

No matter whether you celebrate Halloween or not, it is a wonderful opportunity for your brand to draw up some spooky ads. So whilst you munch on your bag of candy, think about how your brand would advertise this Halloween!

Happy Halloween from all of us at The Bullet!

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