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We live in a marketing saturated world, where each brand wanting to stand out from the crowd, if not catapulting to the top, and ultimately being able to influence consumer purchasing decisions.

The concept of branding made its mark during the Industrial Revolution and it has since changed with the times, more so in the 21st century. People, or more specifically, the millennial generation, no longer want to deal with a faceless corporation but instead one that interacts with its customers on a more up close and personal level, so as to appear less intimidating.

To differentiate a brand in an increasingly competitive market, personalisation has emerged as powerful tool for brands to give themselves an added edge. Below is a list of brands that are riding high on the waves of personalised branding:


The idea behind ‘Share a coke’ campaign was about creating personalised bottles by swapping its iconic logo with 250 most popular and generic names, which you could share them with friends and family. Following to that, more colloquial terms like ‘BFF’, ‘Star’, and ‘Wingman’ were also added to the collection. The campaign has proven to be a huge success, with more than 18.8 million media impressions earned in Australia and the hashtag ‘#ShareaCoke’ was used more than 30,000 times on Twitter in the UK.


In 2014, Burberry launched a campaign on its latest fragrance, ‘My Burberry’ that offered customers a touch of personalisation by having their initials engraved on the perfume bottles for free. The campaign was initiated through a website which was promoted by interactive TV, billboards and social media. For the first half of its financial year, the campaign has helped the company increased its revenue in its beauty division by 55%.


Nutella also recently rode on the customisation trend whereby customers were able to personalise the jar labels of its popular hazelnut spread. The Nutella campaign was said to prompt 185,000 people in Belgium to the brand’s Facebook page, a country of just 11 million.

Although seemingly successful, the campaign was also backfired as people were making a mockery of it with crude and humourous descriptors like ‘poop’, ‘diabetes’ and ‘hitler’. As Oscar Wilde puts it, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about”. Simply put, any publicity is a good publicity.

Whatever the case, personalization helps the consumers to remember your brand and at the same time advocate and uphold the value that your brand possesses. It’s all about the user experience.

Will your company create a personalised brand experience?

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