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2015 is coming to an end and we have begun flailing their arms around, breathing in the happiness that floats within the air, reminiscing the 365 days we’ve done and dusted, and start discussing with anticipation about the possibilities in 2016. While doing so, our subconscious is bringing forward the life lessons we’ve learnt and braced through into the New Year. And we would like to play the role of your branding subconscious by bringing forward some branding success stories we’ve learnt from the year.

Disney: The Master of Storytelling

The argument of which brand tells the best stories is up for debate. But with the acquisition of Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars throughout the years, not only has Disney proven that a buy-over will not necessarily result in a downfall, they have also shown that they will continue to fill your life with magical journeys.

Under their huge umbrella, they have released multiple films this season, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens the latest distribution!

While most companies take the product first, story second approach, Disney takes a reversed approach. They create products through their stories. Working with other brands like toy makers, Hasbro, they begin creating products that come from their stories. Would you have bought a Kylo Ren mask or a BB-8 toy if you had not watch the trailers to Star Wars or even the movie itself? Surely the geeks would buy it, but thanks to their reversed approach, they have reached out to the masses!

Look at ‘em Star Wars goodies!

Geico’s Youtube Ads

Yes, Youtube ads are a norm. Almost every brand has done it, and will continue to do so.

However, the possibility of skipping ads have caused brands to contemplate. This has made them more eager to capture one’s attention within the first five seconds of a video, before that “SKIP THIS AD” button appears for all to utilize.

Geico has done that exceptionally well! What did they do? They managed to spark a curiosity amongst the audiences of Youtube by creating an ad that lasts for ONLY 5 SECONDS!

So if you’re a brand that is looking to tease your audiences, this is a method we can all learn from.

Coca-Cola’s Personal Touch

Personalisation is not a new aspect of branding. But in 2014, Coca-Cola came up with their “Share A Coke” campaign by putting 1,000 of the most famous names in America on their bottles. It became a hit across the nation as people scoured the aisles of Cokes looking for their names or the names they are close to.

They noticed the success, so they took it up a notch and made a version 2.0 of the campaign. This time, they allowed people to personalise their own Coke bottles at shareacoke.com with whatever they please. From “Mom” and “Dad”, to “Team” and “Family” to “BFF” and “VIP”! You name it and they’ll make it!

Here’s the video from whence they started:

Doritos’ Gamified Chips

Gamification is a method brands have been considering to venture into – to create or turn a product into a competitive or joyful experience.

Dorito’s took the element of the centuries-old game of roulette and used it in their chips. “CHIPS?” you ask. Yes, chips! “Dorito’s Roulette” Chips! Instead of seeing where the ball lands, you taste which chip you get. Out of a handful of Tangy Cheese flavoured chips, there is a chip that may bring you to tears.

Check out their rather creepy ad:

Viral Compliant ads

I’m sure we’ve all learnt from Drake, TIME Magazine, and countless others that to go viral you have to go full on ludicrous!

Squatty Potty duly delivered. Because as viral ads go, this one takes the throne! The message was sent through the seams, and people finally knew how to do their business in the toilet the right way. By listening to a guy dressed in olden gentlemen attire explaining to you with his sarcasm and wit where ice-cream comes from, how Unicorns poop, and that you’ve been pooping wrong your whole life!

Here’s the ad for your enjoyment. P.S. Watch out for the Haiku!

Of course there are many other branding stories that we could have included. Like how Justin Bieber managed to get some of those who once hated him to tune in to his songs. But nevertheless, these are our success stories.

Which 2015 Branding Experience would you attempt?
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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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