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Too Much Love Will Kill Your Brand

You’d be surprised to find out how good you actually are at sustaining a brand.
Especially if you’ve been in a relationship.


The truth is, maintaining a brand is very much like being together with someone. At times, they can both be heart-rending, emotional and extremely fragile.Because relationships, just like brands, are essentially driven by an insatiable desire to fulfill wants or needs. A longing so powerful that they can drive us mad, leaving us craving for more.

And in an attempt to keep things going, or to salvage what’s left of it, we may find ourselves slipping back into some classic relationship boo-boo’s.

You’ll probably recognise a few of them.

The Bullet’s Top Four Relationship Blunders

1.  Oh, those sweet nothings!

Well-crafted headlines and superfluous messages that will ring in your consumers’ ears forever and ever.Tweaked, kerned, and meticulously created to be so engaging that they’ll buy into your every word.

But hey, talking sure is easy. The question is, can you actually (forgive the cliché) – walk the talk?

2. Keeping things exciting. Just because.

A free dildo with every purchase? Condoms with penis-enlarging abilities? Freebies and promotions are great – but are you short-changing your brand’s innate strengths for something that’s cheap, sleazy and instant?

There are many more ways to keep your consumer’s attention from slipping, and being superficial and materialistic is the last thing you want to do.

Stay true to your brand personality and opt for something more sustainable instead!

3.  Oh God, you’re so clingy!

“Stop texting me, you spammer of all sorts! And stop e-mailing me too, for Pete’s sake!”If you have nothing of value to offer, don’t bombard your consumers with inane reminders that you exist!

Ease off a little or you’ll probably come off as intrusive, desperate and overly eager for attention.

4. You mean you were leading me on all this while?!

If you can’t commit to it – DON’T DO IT. No one likes to be fooled into a half-hearted relationship.

Screw it up, and you’ll find news of your infidelity passed around faster and more viciously than a football at a Barcelona game.

Hell hath no fury like a consumer scorned, especially if he/she has Twitter!

So if you want to keep a relationship, or a brand, moving along in a positive, enriching way, remember this golden rule – Don’t try too hard.

Yes, it’s as easy as that.

  • Jessy James

    not bad posting on how to keep a brand alive and well. think many of these things do in fact work. "You mean you were leading me on all this while?!" i think that can happen a lot online sites act like they are something they are not. like facebook acting like a soical networking company when they never made 1 cent off social aspect but all there funds from marketing. i use a video game forum that offers a lot of great content like the big guys ign ugo 1up but they are what they say they are and act more like the suggested tips above. large companies do not.

  • Vincent

    Hi Jessy, thanks for the compliments. We're glad you got some value from our post. We try to keep it real, and it's always awesome when we get a response to validate that we're on the right track. Keep those comments coming, and we'll keep the posts rolling as well. Also; love videogamepride!

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