G4H_Bullet_Cover_To Cop or Not To Cop

Commodity is the new face of luxury. From Tokyo to Milan to New York, the ever-growing fashion industry has seen a major market shift that is now being taken over by streetwear designs. This is due to a mishmash of urban, skate and sportswear designs among other casual styles adopted into the modern, athleisure aesthetic of the current generation that values comfort over looks.


With new styles coming onboard the trend train, comes the rise of the drop. A drop is the trending retail strategy dominantly espoused by streetwear brands. It is a tried and tested supply-and-demand model that banks on a combination of scarcity and sensationalizing, those in the know would refer to it as a hype. A cop is simply the act of purchasing a drop.


The realm of exclusivity now goes beyond the traditional price point; With an unpredictable release time and date at hand, only those who have the money and are in the know are able to cop a drop, which sells out from minutes to as quickly as a few seconds. Because of this scarcity, apps are even created to counter bots that buy up stock before real people could even add them into their carts.


In a generation that greatly values individualism as a quality, the non-conformist nature of a drop quickly appeals to this generation; They’d be damned if they were ever caught wearing the same thing as another stranger.


Another factor that keeps the drop going is the inclusivity that comes along with it. Ironically, to be a part of a community that prides on exclusivity. This privilege of being able to afford and have the time to subscribe and commit to these drops defines a new class of elites.


Scarcity is key if you want your brand to thrive in the era of exclusivity. How will you get your brand into the hype?


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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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