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To boldly go where no man’s ever been…

Most people are not creative…!

When I say creative, I mean, ‘ideas being converted into results’

We’re moving from the IT Age into the Conceptual Age where we need to convert tons of info into ideas and then results.

So, most people are not creative because:
they have ideas but have no courage to share, even when do, they may not be able to articulate it. and even when they eventually get to articulate it, they may get discouraged when a less than favourable response is received. Or, they share their brilliant idea, get it approved then they fail to get it implemented. Which is as good as not being creative in the first place.

But aren’t we all born creative in the first place?

Yes, otherwise we would never learn to walk. Walking is an idea. The final act of getting up to walk is the result. As we grow, we become less and less prone to convert ideas to results.

We have become too sensible. Our bodies develop mechanisms to keep us safe.
Everytime something out of the ordinary crops up, the mind kicks in and rejects it because it’s something alien, not done before, therefore unsafe, stay away. Danger. You may get hurt, feel uncomfortable.

So how do we overcome this? We say you can overcome this by building and cultivating courage. Do the uncomfortable things that you know are good for you. Take small steps.
Do courageous deeds everyday. Talk to strangers, talk to your idol?

So how does this look like?
To boldly go where no man has ever been…Star Trek? 95%
Terry Fox ran across North America to raise funds for cancer research, even if he had to crawl! Tony Fernandez took Air Asia to courageous new frontiers.

Everyone at 95% stand for the untapped potential and we can help cultivate courage to uncover that potential.

Why do we need to be creative? Because the future lies in “What IF?” not “What already IS?”
This was the proposed content of the BFM 89.9 interview with me this morning. But the producer/presenter kept throwing me ‘curve balls’ making me duck and miss. Oh well, we had fun! Especially from reading the tweets in the background from my girls back in the office. Miles of smiles:)
  • jennesis

    Wow. This is like super inspiring.

    Damn the 'curve balls'!

  • Jason I WeeMin

    Wow. This is like super inspiring.

    Damn the 'curve balls'!

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