Malaysians are generally a complacent bunch, but we’re also notorious complainers.

Sheila Majid our Queen of Jazz and national legend, recently came under fire for lamenting the state of our country. Expensive food, weak ringgit, high cost of living and scarce jobs are cited as evidence that our country is not in a good way. And she is certainly right that things are not perfect in Malaysia.

But when we sit down and consider the situation around the world, we can’t help but feeling that we have it pretty good. Every day news pours in from around the world about wars, extreme poverty, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, totally collapsed economies, and so on.

It may be a cliché to say “Thank God Malaysia is at peace”, but there is no denying that most of us lead a relatively comfortable existence. We have access to basic amenities, our country is stable and mostly spared from natural disasters, our currency is still worth something, our passports are among the most powerful globally, we’re one of the most connected societies in the world and best of all, Malaysians are generally a kind people who look out for each other.

We’re also a thriving commercial hub and home to brands whose entire business model is to make life easier for us all. So before we wrap up for the year, lets take a look and try being grateful for what we have instead of complaining about what we don’t :


No more traffic jam induced headaches! This time saving app makes travelling in Malaysia (cities especially) much easier, with its GPS system that is updated in real time by real road users reporting on the traffic conditions. Reaching our shores in 2011, today Malaysia records the highest number of Waze users in Asia and is among the top five worldwide at 2.5 million users.

Uber and Grab

Debuting around the same time in Malaysia in 2013, Uber and Grab are both platforms that offer very similar services –ordinary people provide transportation to ordinary people at affordable prices. Not only does it expand our transport options, both businesses offer a chance for anyone with a vehicle to make some extra cash.


Launched way back in 1993, AirAsia is not only Malaysia’s flagship low-cost carrier, but it is also the world leader in this category. Enabling passengers to travel on a budget, it has helped Malaysians (and many others!) realize their dreams of visiting exotic locales all around the world.


A truly modern convenience, Foodpanda allows us to order food from our favourite restaurants in the comfort of our own homes or offices. The food is then delivered right to our doorsteps. If this isn’t something to be grateful for, we don’t know what is!

Halal Beauty

Did you know that Malaysia’s halal industry is highly regarded, with other countries emulating our strategies to promote the halal sector? Today not only do we have a flourishing halal food industry, but it’s possible to get halal beauty products as well. From commercial brands like SimplySiti to niche local brands on halal beauty platforms like PrettySuci, life is now easier for the fashionable Muslimah.

We would not have any of these conveniences if the Malaysian environment was not amenable or our population unable to sustain the demand. All of the brands above are businesses after all, and no business can survive on good intentions alone. So yes, things in our country could always, definitely be better. It’s human after all to always want to evolve and improve.

But this festive season, lets take a moment to be thankful for all the little things that make life just that little bit easier!

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