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Two weeks ago, our friends in the United States of America had their annual Super Bowl, a great American pastime broadcasted live to the entire world. This year’s Super Bowl just happened to be the most watched game in history, which meant that everything that was aired was exposed to more than 106 million eyeballs.

While most people fixed their eyes on the television for the game, something else was going on throughout the entire course of Super Bowl on a smaller screen.

This year, two Hollywood superstars decided to play their own game on Twitter as their hometown teams faced off for the championship.
When the Super Bowl began in mid of January, the Captain America star Chris Evans tweeted to Guardians of the Galaxy lead Chris Pratt this, announcing their “rivalry”:

In an almost instantaneous response, Chris Pratt heated up the conversation by calling his hometown team’s quarterback as the only Captain America:

One tweet lead to another, the stars placed a bet that caught the attention of many across the globe:

Should the team supported by either one of them loses, they will have to visit the winner’s hometown children hospital in costume, wearing the winner’s jersey over it.

The bet successfully rallied the fans’ support for their favorite star over the course of two weeks. Of course, whatever the outcome was for the Super Bowl, the biggest winner would be the audience and the children whom they would visit.

For the past two years, we saw a rise in the number of brands that took their advertising and marketing deeper into the verse of Twitter. With more and more big names opting to do the same, competitions between brands are bound to happen. Chris Evans and Chris Pratt just showed us that competition can be done in a fun way, relevant to what’s trending, and at the same time charitable.

After much thought, we asked ourselves; “How is Twitter beneficial to your brand?” Here’s what we discovered.

1.  Intimacy associated to the platform.

Everything you tweet on Twitter feels a lot closer to the audience because, for one it’s a personal message and if they are able to view your posts, more often than not they are already subscribed to your brand’s feed. Because users can share what you post on their own walls by hitting “Retweet”, your posts have the potential to gain traction easily. Not just that, Twitter allows your audience to easily join in whatever conversation you might be having with another brand.

2.  Whoever wins, both brands gain exposure — for free.

Say you’re having a healthy competition with another brand, Evans-Pratt style. Maybe you won, maybe you lost. No matter what, people will talk about what happened, and use the hashtags mentioned in said competition, spreading the word of your wit throughout social media, both gaining a generous amount of exposure. (#winwinsituation)

3.  Easier to gauge your viewer numbers!

What’s really useful about using social media, specifically Twitter is that you can see how many people liked and shared your tweets without the need for any analytical tool or other paid services. With the help of hashtags, you can easily gather all your tweets into one feed as well as the tweets from others who have used your hashtags, to gain and evaluate the audience’s feedback for what you have tweeted. Talk about immediate criticism!

Marvel superhero stars Chris Evans and Chris Pratt’s Twitter competition is a great example of the marvelous things you can do with social platforms. Twitter is made for social interaction with one another and more and more brands taking their conversations to the platform, fully embracing the personalities of their brands while interacting with other users in real-time. Perhaps it’s time for your brand to start a conversation on Twitter-verse. If the bandwagon is showing results, just jump on it already!

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