Time to choose

Time to choose

Life is all about choices.
Compromising on your heritage and history is a choice.
Giving up what most defines what you are for the sake of making a populist statement is a choice.
Lying to protect yourself, deceiving to postpone retribution, covering up to escape persecution, these are choices.
Defaming an opponent and sowing untruths in order to gain a competitive edge is a choice.
Drowning out dissenting voices and clamping down on negative feedback are choices.
Sticking to outdated values, philosophies and values is a choice.
Being me-too, safe and ordinary is a choice.
Allowing badly thought-out ideas to affect your reputation and image is a choice.
Not taking a risk is a choice.

If your brand isn’t making an impact, it’s not because the world isn’t fair, or that people are stupid, or that others just don’t get what you want to say; it could be because you made a bad choice, and haven’t taken responsibility for it.

Are you making the right choices for your brand? If things aren’t working out, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate those decisions, and make another choice.

Yes, life is all about choices, and every choice has its own set of rewards and consequences. But what’s great is that you can choose again, and again, and again, until you get it right.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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