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Once upon a time, a man decided to seek solitude by venturing onto an island that has long been forsaken by the forces of civilization. As he takes a long dwindling walk by the sullen beach, he stumbles upon a cavern, a misbegotten mystery long lost from the histories of man. He had to battle his way through the conglomerate of monstrosity, past the behemoths, past the ghouls, and past all that we fear from within our imagination.

And from within he lays witness to an ancient chest coveted in silver and gold, shimmering into his gleaming eyes. He opens the chest and finds a magic entity that ravages hyperboles straight into his brain, giving him access to unthought-of knowledge that would shift the tides humanity has been venturing on. And it came to him like a dream come true. He then realises that he has within him the required knowledge to help guide humanity’s ship onto the path it is meant to sail upon.

That man is a designer that goes by the name Nicolas Ghesquière. And he has been the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton’s women’s collection since 2013. With a collection of accolades at his helm, he is bound to give the world something phenomenal. And phenomenal he delivered, in a form where reality is carefully twisted with fantasy.

In comes fantasy, telling you that life is a game of puzzles and risk. We choose our own philosophies to serve as our sanctuary, as we venture through the obstacles it has in place for us. Transcend ye from the floating world of debauchery and confounded glee, a world known as Cocoon, and enter the realms of Earth, a reality we have come to accept, to roam like a Butterfly oh so free.

Transcend in the form of Lightning – an entity resembling might and dexterity! Put your sword away and embrace! Embrace with the world of humankind, wielding a bag of LV, to portray an image of peace-loving Kawaiis. Venture past the models and celebrities, and dive in to the world of fantasy; The Final Fantasy!

In comes reality, telling you that life should be carefully approached and thought out. And a man is utilized to further blur the difference between gender clothing. He wears a skirt much like the Scots have done for the longest time, not to mention the glam rockers who has continuously rocked through the ages.

Yet there is a theatrical fiasco rumbling through the seams as confusion strikes deep amongst society, not knowing where to draw the line, as a man can dress like a girl and look as mesmerizing as the girls beside him, and the girl that donned a white sequin apron dress. Such is the creative sense Nicolas Ghesquière wants to offer us.

Call it an experience, call it an experiment, or even a grandeur of schemes, but regardless of what it is, Louis Vuitton will be the pioneer of a change that has been waiting to escalate. Whether Nicolas Ghesquière went through a lucid dream, a virtual reality, or even reality itself, we will never know. But that once upon a time, was mere weeks ago. And what will this change bring to the world of man? Only time will tell…

How would your brand entwine fantasy with reality?
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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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