taipei 101

Cross-branding is often times a beneficial exercise. Take two powerful brands, partner them up, and voila, you’ve got yourself a megazord partnership with twice the support.

Recently, IOI Properties Group announced their acquisition of a 37.17% managing stake in Taipei Financial Center Corp, which owns Taipei 101, for a whopping RM2.74 billion. We couldn’t help notice the similarity in the name of the purchasers with the landmark building they are seeking to manage.

That got us thinking, if IOI wanted to cross-promote their brand through the iconic Taipei 101 on the grounds of the almost similar name, what other brands could take a page off this exercise and do the same thing.

Below is a list of cross-branding exercises that we think can achieve the same flimsy feat:

1. PUMA and The City of Kuching.

Siegfried & Roy would be proud of this feline crossover. Ligers and Tigons can step aside and make way for PUChing?  This takes twin towns to the next level with a major brand sponsoring a whole city.

2. Starbucks and The International Space Station

Nothing shouts Starbucks more than splashing big bucks in an outlet stationed in the stars.  This way, the mission to mars can stop over your branch and get a double shot for the long journey to the red planet.

3. Amazon and The Amazon Basin

Amazon is going to have to expand soon enough, and what better place to house all your products than the amazon basin! They may need to fend off Greenpeace activists beforehand but it would probably prove worthwhile.

Jokes aside, cross-branding projects can prove advantageous when done right and relevantly.  Sometimes corporations take it even further and merge into as ingle entity as can be seen with Sony-Ericsson. Maybe one day we’ll get a Google-Apple. Till then, think your brand through and whatever you do, make sure it stays true to your conversation.

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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