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There is this common misconception that within branding, striking gold creatively is all down to sheer luck, where the creative behave like frustrated primates bashing randomly on typewriters, in hopes of producing Hamlet in the process.

Sure, some of our best ideas come to us when we least expect it, but the majority of imaginative, experimental and original pieces of work are prepared and created by a certain type of team.

Who’s this team you ask?

They are an elite super team who each play a specific role, acting as a catalyst to one another – inspiring, pushing and most probably bickering throughout the creative process. Let me break it down for you:

1) The Scientist – In every crack team of supers, there’s always the brainy one. Not always getting to swoop in to save the day, but still an indispensable part of the team – constantly collecting and analysing data to act as fuel for the collective creative flame. With an ear to the ground and a truly curious nature, The Scientist creates as many input channels as possible.

2) The Jester – With all the data and material at their fingertips, it’s the Jester’s job to mix and concoct new and fascinating ideas, not needing to filter or limit during the creative process. They get their name from possessing quite a playful and wild nature, which is crucial to break boundaries and excite innovation.

3) The Carver – Acting as the Ying to The Jester’s Yang, it’s The Carver’s duty to slice away and slim down The Jester’s proposals. Usually with a more rational and focused train of thought, they critique the work and distil it down to a purer form, making sure the ideas are now feasible.

4) The Assassin – In close liaison with The Carver, The Assassin uses their many years of experience to finalise the idea – tying up all loose ends, filling in the gaps and beautifying the creation in question. Usually the most charismatic of the bunch, they wrap it all up and go in for the kill – selling the idea for all that it’s worth.

Creativity comes from anywhere but balance, planning and craftsmanship is key when wanting to explore unknown territories.

So which role do you play in your super creative team?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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