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Who can argue how beautiful New Zealand is?

Known for its unique flora and fauna, untouched forests, superb wine and cheese (locals may disagree but I’m a sucker for Anchor cheese). There was literally no other place on earth where ‘The Lord of The Rings’ could have been shot.

The filming of the movie placed New Zealand on the world map with Hollywood status and when an entire country is branded and known for its beauty and splendour, you can be sure to milk it for all its worth in the future.

This brings us to Air NZ’s flight safety advertisement. In conjunction with Weta Entertainment, they’ve managed to take something routine that people have heard countless times on each and every flight into a completely different animal.

Instructions have never been this entertaining.

What makes this campaign great is that Air NZ took elements that people could identify with: Tolkien’s epic fantasy world, your everyday flight safety message, and a cast of talented actors so-signed by Peter Jackson and brought it to social media with the hash tag: #airnzhobbit.

The question is, what can other brands learn from this?

Companies that try their hand at social media and fail often forget one simple thing: they exaggerate the truth to the point where it’s often trite, and unbelievable.

We live in an age where many answers to life are a Google search away. So instead of trying to exaggerate, perhaps just make the truth a little more palatable and enjoyable. Once you get the formula down, expect digital love all around. (Click to Tweet)

End note: This is Air NZ’s third viral video smash hit alongside “Bare Essentials” and “Fit to Fly”.

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