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As you may have heard, the world welcomed a royal baby this week!

And judging by the throngs of reporters, photographers and random well-wishers that waited eagerly to catch a glimpse of the baby prince – it’s a pretty big deal.

“Is it a boy or a girl?”
“What will the baby’s name be?”
“Has William changed his first diaper?”
“What’s the fuss? It’s just another baby!”

Some care. Some don’t. But there’s just no denying that everything leading up to the baby prince’s imminent arrival (Kate’s maternity wear included) has piqued the interest of many across the globe – with world landmarks such as the fountains of Trafalgar Square, Niagara Falls, Victoria Bridge and CN Tower being lit up in celebratory blue!

And we call it the “Royal Baby Effect”.

Now, did you know that certain brands experience similar effects too?


The Launch of the new iPhone

It’s a worldwide phenomenon that never ceases. In anticipation of the iPhone 5, IT businessman Ryan Williams actually camped out in Covent Garden with his friend for a WEEK. He later auctioned it off for Cancer Research UK – but that’s just one of the crazy stories you’ll hear from the devoted fans who formed massive queues outside Apple stores across the globe!


The Harry Potter Series

Never has book-reading been such a test of speed till the arrival of the Harry Potter series. Fans from different parts of the world would throw pre-launch parties and camp outside the bookstores for days – only to scurry home, lock themselves up and finish reading the book in fear of spoilers. Here’s a fun fact: Britain’s WH Smith chain sold 13 copies of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” per second overnight!



Here at The Bullet, we consider Barack Obama to be a brand. (All that campaigning sure qualifies him as one!) The 2012 Presidential Elections may have been a battle of votes between citizens of the USA – but the whole world was definitely weighing in on it. And VERY heavily too.

And last but not least… a local brand that did not see it coming.


McDonald’s Malaysia – Happy Meal Despicable Me 2 Promotion

What started off as a fun and family-friendly promotion turned into something nasty, selfish and highly unbecoming of Malaysians when the local McDonald’s announced its latest Happy Meal promotion. “Grown-ups” went bonkers over the yellow plastic figurines (known as Minions), even queuing up at odd hours with grocery carts in tow to purchase as many as they possibly can. The overwhelming demand saw outlets running out of stock, causing children going home empty-handed while more vocal fans vented their anger and disappointment on the brand’s Facebook page. Some even took their frustrations to the store.

There’s no denying that it is every brand’s dream to have people go gaga over their products and brand. But beware, as even the best strategists, ad men and PR specialists wouldn’t be able to gauge just how BIG something is going to become.

Always prepare for the unexpected.

Who knows, YOUR brand could be next in line to experiencing a “Royal Baby Effect”. Let’s hope that it’ll turn out well!

Photo via IJUX

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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