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For the longest of times, we have been told that it’s now a digital world. And the only way forward is to adapt to the demands of technology. Get the latest development of technology. Get it quick. And repeat.

Technology has reigned supreme over the past few years, ever since the iPhone made owning a smartphone a trend and must haves – where you can do almost everything with one device.

But a new dawn always awaits us when we get too much of something. Slowly, some of us just wanted the complete opposite – an escape from the virtual world. And because of that, an old force is returning, taking advantage of the overload in technological advancement.

In the digital age, they are known as “Analogue”. Slowly, they are creeping back into society through the desires of nostalgia and the need to stand out from the masses, offering a unique experience no digital device can offer.

Film Camera


A few days ago, Kodak announced the Kodak Ektra, a smartphone that caters to photographers.


The Ektra allows users to see the beauty that comes with a classical Kodak camera, with Kodak specific filters to give millennials a glimpse of what a Kodak film camera can offer.

Taking pictures without knowing the outcome until it’s developed, that is what the film camera offers. It is within this experience of uncertainty, that moment of waiting to see how your pictures will turn out, the anticipation that overwhelms you when you see the result of the developed pictures, there’s a certain thrill to it. In comparison to snapping pictures away until your memory is full, film offers a more precious feel.

Even Hollywood filmmakers are using film cameras to produce blockbuster films.

Suicide Squad


Star Wars: The Force Awaken


Back in 2002, George Lucas proved that digital can replicate what film could do. And now, Dan Mindel, cinematographer of Star Wars: The Force Awaken says otherwise:

“It looks the way my eyes saw it, and that is something that is very difficult with digital cameras. Film sees so much more. To me, it’s just gorgeous. It’s phenomenal.”

Toy Figurines


Speaking of Star Wars, their film is not the only thing that exploded through the seams. Their toy sales rose substantially as well. And these weren’t just the old-time Star Wars fans who would just buy anything and everything Star Wars. There were also little girls who just loved the new female Jedi in Rey.


Toys offer an escape to reality with no limitation to the extent of creativity and imagination. An aspect video games cannot offer with its limited space. With toys, kids can imagine whatever they want their figurines to do, as they place them in scenarios of their choice. From taking a stroll on the floor to jumping on the sofa to having a little swim in the sink. This adrenaline of imagination can keep your child occupied for hours long, using their imagination to its full capacity.



Imaginative adrenaline is one thing, the adrenaline of riding a bicycle is another. Bicycles are a trend among Millennials. But not just for the adrenaline. They also use it to commute to their workplace. Americans has been doing it since the past decade, and don’t be surprise of seeing the trend reaching the borders of Malaysia. Just a few days ago Selangor announced that each district in the state must have their own bicycle lanes, while Penang are looking to be Malaysia’s first cycling state.


As the world continues to shift to a more sustainable future, biking, combined with access to public transportation, will be playing a part. Listen to the wind blow and feel it gushing through your hair, as you cycle to work, the closest public transport, or even for the sheer thrill of adrenaline.



The new wave of music lovers has found a new fascination in vinyl records. The demands are through the roof, with some having to wait 4 to 5 months to get a record.

The thrill of searching for a good record is one thing, but the joy of placing your newly bought disc onto the player, and putting the needle down as it spins and let out a softer tune then those you hear on Spotify or iTunes, makes listening to a vinyl much more intimate.

Famous musicians have also started using vinyl records as another medium for their fans to tune in to.


Sometimes, when we need to go forward, we must look back. A lot of people are beginning to realise that digital devices are not the ultimate solution to everything. Sometimes the answer was already there.

For the older generations, it’s about reminiscing the good old days. For the younger generation, it’s about experiencing something new… or in this case, old. Products that had one purpose, instead of the multiple things digital devices allow you to do.

Going down the analogue route gives people the experience of doing things manually, to be in control, to see their efforts rewarded, instead of clicking a few buttons here and there to get what you need. That is what the analogue offers.

What analogue experience would your brand bring back?
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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

Don’t want to miss out on the weekly shots of branding? Subscribe to our e-newsletter.

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