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Festivals are the best time to break out inspiring, sometimes tear-jerking commercials somewhat pioneered by the sorely-missed, always-remembered Yasmin Ahmad and her celebrated Petronas epics.

It’s arguably the only time truly emotionally-poignant, sell-free advertising truly catches our attention, quietly over-shadowing the usual business-building, sales-generating, promotions-trumpeting messaging.

Which really shouldn’t be the case, because the emotional platform of a brand is also its most powerful.

While the rational mind grasps at facts, figures and features in order to justify a purchase or acquisition, more often than not human emotion comes into play when actually making that purchase. All things remaining equal, it’s the brand that resonates most with a consumer, that intuitively comes to mind when a particular need arises, that appeals on a level that goes beyond making logical sense that gets bought into.

Brands that are rational become a basis for comparison; brands that are emotional become beloved, and are cherished as a crucial part of a consumer’s life. A brand with a strong emotional platform doesn’t need to try as hard to make its point or sell its benefits, because it already has the eyes, ears and hearts of its prospective customers. On the other hand, a brand that’s still relying on its rational aspects need to constantly battle the competition with better deals, better offers and better features.

Essentially, brands with advertising that tugs at the heartstrings of consumers, delivers a powerful message that transcends rational selling, creates a memorable, lasting impression through its timely, relevant and resonant messaging, are building an emotional foundation that is irreplaceable by mere physical benefits.

That’s why some brands have customers, and others have raving fans, evangelists and tribes that stand up for them. So when are you thinking of getting emotional?

On that note, do check out our Happy MerdekaRaya greeting.


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