There was once a story of an apple, a cloth, a bird, and a girl, that ventured into a grey area that resides somewhere within our blue world; an area where the only thing that is certain, is uncertainty. Only outsiders had dared venture into this area – the ones who dared to question, to challenge the status quo and to seek their own independence.

These are the few who took it upon themselves to change the world, and broke the habits of the norm. And within their own times, the apple, the cloth, the bird and the girl, ventured into the grey area and come back with ideas that revolutionized the world.

The Apple that thought differently


There was once an apple that fell far from the tree. It was scrutinized by society, and was considered as nothing more than a toy. The apple felt out of place, and was on the brink of collapsing. But it found it upon itself to use what energy it had left to survive.

One day it decided to enter the grey area. And the result of its ventures allowed it to think different. No longer did it want to be merely a means that would fill the stomachs of monkeys and worms. Nor did it want to be something only the wealthy could afford.

The apple took the knowledge it gained and turned it into an idea; an idea everyone could afford and connect with. And just like that, everyone wanted a piece of the apple that thought differently.

The cloth that loved colours


There was once a cloth that loves the colours that made up this world. It enjoyed the beauty of their differences, and the contrast they offered one another. But each colour had their own agenda. And through it, indifference rose above the noise, as conflict raged through the seams.

The cloth was sad to witness so much hatred spreading across the lands; sad to see the difference it loves so much, escalate into a hatred of indifference.

One day, the cloth got tired; tired of seeing hatred consume the world; tired of being told that it’s the way of the world. So the cloth ventured on through the grey area. And it came back with hatred’s most extreme counterpart… love.

The bird that wanted everyone to fly


There was once a bird who belonged to a flock of ugly ducklings. Every other flock carried humans upon their backs, bringing them from one part of the world to the other in mere hours. The bird wanted to join in and play its part in society, but it lacked the qualities the other flocks had.

The bird couldn’t accept it. No longer did it want to be an outcast, an outsider sitting on the side-lines. The bird then ventured through the grey area, and opened its eyes to the reality of the world.

The other flocks were carrying passengers that had wealth beyond measure, where only a selected few could afford. The bird then knew what to do. It gathered the flock it belonged to, and offered their wings to everyone else. A set of wings everyone could afford.

The girl who wanted to feel free


There was once a girl who felt like an outsider of society. She grew up under a nun, who taught her how to sew. But she didn’t like the clothes women were wearing – it made her feel constrained, as if tied down by chains. It was too hard for her to breathe; too hard for her to feel free.

So she ventured through the grey area and found a way to break from the chains of society. She came back to the realms of society, wearing liberating clothes that allowed her to feel free.

It wasn’t fashion that she sold. It was style. And soon, everyone wanted a piece of the style she donned.

These were brands that could never accept the world as it appears to be. They dared to see the world as what it could be. Each of them revolutionized the world in their own way. They gained independence from just being another brand within their respective industries. And through their liberating ideals, they became more than just a brand. They became an idea that would stand against the test of time.

How would your brand revolutionize the world?
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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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