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Mother’s day is just around the corner and we are all very excited to celebrate the queen of our hearts. Once a year, we get to dedicate a day to the noble and queenly vocation of motherhood.

Although we believe that nothing comes close to the embracing warmth of a mother’s love, we also believe that this love comes in many shapes and sizes.

It’s almost like every mother has her own brand of mothering. From the outrageously overbearing to the criminally careless, there are as many types of mothers out there as there are mothers. But once in a while, their methods fall into an easily digestible bite-sized box.

Then there are those world-renowned brands that interact almost like these mothers.

So this week, in the name of all the beautiful mothers in our lives, we’ve compiled a list of the world’s favourite brands and what sort of mother they would be:

Apple – The Tiger Mom

You know those moms that want it either her way or the highway? The highly demanding one that expect you to follow her rules uncompromisingly, making you feel ashamed of yourself if you even think about going astray? The one who expects undivided loyalty to her cause?  Yeah, that’s Apple for you. But it’s only because Apple cares.

Louis Vuitton – The Hot Mom

Remember your friend’s mom, the hot one that you can’t wait to hitch a ride home with? She’s so fashionable and trendy you just can’t believe that she’s been around since way before you were born. And even though you know better, you still want her as a part of your life. It’s a lot like that obscenely expensive LV bag you’ve been eyeing. Don’t do it.

Microsoft – The Super Mom

She’s dropping you to school, she’s grocery shopping, she’s working full-time, she’s eradicating polio and she’s also cooking your favourite meal, all in a day’s work. She’s Super Mom – she’s got you and everyone around you covered for life. All she wants in return is for you to be happy. Seriously, Microsoft would be the best mom EVER.

Google – The Smother

The Smother is the type of mother that’s everywhere you turn. She leaves notes in your lunch and calls the school nurse to make sure you’ve taken your cough medicine. She’ll never let you leave home without a jacket and calls you every single day since you moved out. She even finishes your sentences for you. Sounds a lot like Google and her incessant nagging for you to sing up to Google+!

MINI – The Cool Mom

More friend than mom, the cool mom lets you be who you want to be without any judgement. Heck, she probably even bought you your first beer or spurred you to get that piercing you weren’t sure you wanted. She’s fun, she’s adventurous and she’s reliable. She’s just like the new MINI!

In all fairness, all these types of mothers seem like the best gift any child could possibly ask for. It might explain why almost all those brands mentioned are in the Forbes Top 10 most valuable brands in the world.

At the end of it all, what we truly want is to wish the stars and the moon for all the mothers out there. As your child, we will continually strive to give back all that love you’ve given us through these years.

Happy Mother’s Day, Ma!

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