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At Ganforhire, you become a Mercenary! Yes, you get a gun with your own set of unique perks and attachments. Mostly attachments of words and visual, but hey, makes the gun looks attractive, no? Like those stickers you get in Counter-Strike. And every week, we have a different bullet we shoot out, each sending its own philosophical message. As for this week, it’s a day in the life at Ganforhire.

Warning! We have tyrants. Not one, but multiple, hence the “s” that comes after tyrant. However, they’re not your everyday tyrants. They treat you with humility, kindness and everything nice. Until they carefully, and not to mention mightily and gently, slide a job brief on your desk. Then they become the epitome of your hate. They are the enemy. They become the oppressors, the ghouls, the hounds, and sometimes even the clown. Every monstrous image you can conjure in your brain, they become that. But before they gave you that job brief they are known as The Suits. That’s just the job brief. Wait until you receive the amendments. Again. And again. And again. Then they turn into bloodsucking zombies who seek to drain what little life you have left.

And then you have the hippies. Yes, hippies. Sigh, right? Those peacemaking, irresponsible, tree-hugging creatures who just loves to lay in the fields of green and create the art they want to see in the world. But you have a job. And your job is to smack reality into their ignorant little brains, and tell them the cold hard truth! Art can’t change the world. It never has and it never will. And then you’ll hear them cry, and moan, and groan, days after days. You keep telling them to create art for the people that pay you because they can actually change the world, even though their change is not to your liking. The next thing you know, the work is done and you’ve done your job. The client is happy, you’re happy, and the hippie is happy. Why? Because the harsh reality is that money talks more than art. So deal with it!

They say the sweetest sound to your ears is your name. In here, that statement is false! Every time you hear your name, you turn into the busiest bee in the hive! Raging, kicking and screaming, about how much work you have to do, when actually you’re on Facebook, watching internet sensations getting famous, while you sit there waiting for your miracle to drop down on you when in actuality you have no idea what you need to do to be rich and famous.

So who or what are we really? We are magicians. Our magic knows no boundaries. Well, in the eyes of our clients, at least. And at most, it would be the whole world beyond the advertising and branding agency life. But what we truly are, are a bunch of maniacal goons waiting to shoot each other down with our unique philosophical bullets, hoping that something magical would come out of it and that would satisfy our clients. More often than not, something magical does happen. No wonder the clients think we’re magicians. Well done, agency people. What a way for setting the bar way up high in the sky.

It is within these moments that everything comes to life. It is within that moment that you enter a lucid dream where memories, probabilities, possibilities, emotions, theologies, and methodologies, all get mixed in a pot. Add that with mama’s own recipe and it becomes just about right. Voila! Enter an idea worthy of grandeur; worthy of your bosses’ approval; worthy of your client’s attention. Or so you think. “Or” is a very powerful word. Because once you think you’ve laid out the most terrific and ingenious idea for the world to see, someone will come out to say, “OR, we could, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera” and your heart just shrinks in disappointment but…you just go with it anyway. Why? Because experience matters. Who are you to argue with a man who’s been in the industry for the past 10,000 years?

Although we shot ourselves in the foot last week, by saying making a video is difficult, we did it! We made it happen. Though not professional, we still did it. Amateur cinematography for the win. Now we can sit back and chew bubble gum because as of here I have written 1,000 words. Or at least, I was supposed to. Why? Because a picture tells a thousand words, so I have to tell a thousand words. Imagine writing for a video? That’s what? 36 frames per second? 36,000 words for each second of a video?! Hell, I may as well write a novel. And maybe I should. Who knows? It may just be my ticket to being rich and famous. But for now, oh I do hope I don’t get fired from writing this.

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