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There is a very subtle but major difference between the task and the achievement of words. It’s possible to be engaged in an activity but not actually achieve anything from doing so.

Some good examples of this would be dieting, teaching and even branding. I could tell all my friends and family that I have been dieting for months now, or that I have taken on the noble task of teaching night classes 4 days a week or that I’m even in the profession of branding.

But the differences lie in the outcome of these acts. If I’m not losing any weight, or if my students aren’t learning anything or the brands I work for still can’t communicate their message, then that is truly a waste of a verb, being nothing more than a hollow and empty shell of a word.

But unlike the dieting, teaching and branding, motherhood is a word that carries incomparable weight, packed with layers, meanings and substance.

It is a doing that consists of constant and relentless action combined with unparalleled love and passion. It is an age-old job that has never promised wealth or riches, but is purely driven by responsibility and affection.

With all the synonyms, meaningless metaphors and plagiarised poetics in the world, I could go on and on. So why should I? This is truly an action that we have all experienced and felt. So let’s stop saying, get out there and show our appreciation through our actions like they have done onto us.

Let us give praise for not just the word but for the women behind it and be sure to show our life givers, unconditional love providers and our number one supporters how much they mean to us by fully appreciating motherhood, in every sense of the word.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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