Arts and brands have merged into an entity of infinite wonder. Imagine the echoes of melody singing into your ears, the visual illustration painting an everlasting picture, the words that chimes gracefully into the mind, and the illuminating performances that triggers your emotions.

How can a brand resist the magic that art brings?




Think City did just that on the 20th of August. In partnership with LiteraCity, a cultural and literature mapping of Kuala Lumpur, they organised a literature tour, or as the name of the event goes, “LiteraTur”.

The tour began at the clock tower of Medan Pasar, to the streets of Central Market, on forth to the bus hub at Pasar Seni and lastly through a tunnel, just beyond the bus hub, that led to a tranquil circular area with a tree standing tall in the middle. And throughout the tour were performances that were interpreted from four Malaysian literature books, “Pemburu Kota, Cerpen Underground, Staging History, and Mat Som”.


But another thing that was beautiful, was the map. This map tells you where within Kuala Lumpur, the events of these works of literature took place.


There’s a potential Kuala Lumpur Literature Festival happening come November by the guys of LiteraCity. And through this, Think City will make themselves synonymous with local heritage, as they have already spearheaded the urban regeneration in the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Thanks to Yayasan Sime Darby, the main philanthropic arm of Sime Darby Berhad, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac) was flooded with all kinds of arts. And that brought together people in the thousands.

The event began at 10am, with workshops for the future generations to indulge in. From speech & drama to children puppet, to preschool drama, to drum circle workshops, and theatre games, the future is bright for these kids, as they take with them the wisdom they need to establish their skills further.

The event continued on for two days with multiple workshops for people of all ages, musical performances, plays, films, improvisation theatre, wayang kulit and puppet shows, all happening simultaneously. Most of which were repeated, so that the audiences were able to experience the workshop or performances they missed on Saturday, on Sunday instead.

Sime Darby Berhad, a brand that handles properties, has been well associated with arts and culture due to the efforts of its philanthropic arm, Yayasan Sime Darby. Especially since the establishment of the Arts Festival in 2014. And see it continue on successfully, is a beauty worthy of admiration. Now every attendee will recognise Sime Darby for the experiences they have enjoyed through the festivals they have organised.

Brands have been practicing this for years on long, especially since the rise of digital spaces, with content creation easily accessible to the masses. These brands are the best examples, as they have become synonymous with art:


After 8 years of iTunes Festivals, they are now calling it the Apple Music Festival. Its venue will be held at Roundhouse in Camden, as it has for the past 8 years. And the best part, in celebration of its ten year anniversary, there will be 10 nights of free live music that will be held from the 18th to 30th September 2016.

Apple’s involvement in the music scene has gotten them exclusive releases for certain albums. Most recently being Frank Ocean’s new album “Blonde”.



Converse has associated themselves with the arts for a long time now. They have come out with lines for specific music bands and even comic book characters. But that which gained a reputation with emerging artists is their “Rubber Tracks” recording studio.


Converse Rubber Tracks invites emerging musicians of all genres to apply for free studio time. Once selected, the artists can record their songs free of charge, while maintaining the rights to their own music.

This has given them direct relationship with an abundance of ambassadors who promote their product by wearing them during their live performances across the globe.

Hennessy Artistry


Hennessy blends music and culture together with Hennessy. They have reached out to a global audience by promoting “The Global Art of Mixing” through spectacular experiences in major cities around the world.

They offer a complete sight, sound and taste experience that features, not only a mix of different artists of different genres, but also exciting collaborations and visual innovations.

Through Artistry, Hennessy has been synonymous with creativity, as music has always been part of Hennessy’s DNA. And many musicians has paid tribute to Hennessy for giving them the breakthrough they need in their career.

If there was one element that could bring people together, it’s the arts. And with the help of established organisations like Sime Darby and Think City, the future looks bright for the Malaysian arts scene to rise to the prominence it deserves.

Arts incite action. It also has a way to touch your emotion, and expose yourself to experiences you never before have. People want long lasting experiences; a spectacle to live within the thresholds of their memories.

The next upcoming event of a brand that associates itself with the arts is Tiger with their Tiger Jams event.


How would your brand associate with the arts?
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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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