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Call them what you want to, or say what you want. Right now, it’s their age – the age where fantasy and sci-fi run the world (Sorry Beyonce, it’s not girls).

Every year, geeks gather in San Diego to pay tribute to fictional heroes, in the largest and most popular Comic Convention in the world. Once, it was a convention only for comic book fans. Now, it is a home for everything entertainment.

People come from all over to dress up like them, talk like them, and act like them – just so they can feel like they belong in that particular universe. And together, they would wait in anticipation, for any updates on new entertainment coming from their favourite universe.

Here’s a video about cosplaying:

It’s powerful, these universes; as powerful as any of us can imagine. With personalities and traits we can bond with, their characters help us escape from our own reality.

Once it was a universe only cared about by nerds and geeks who take the time to dive into their lore. Now, it has become home to the masses.

Due to the recent phenomenon of the geek world, we take a look at the popular brands that has further impacted its popularity.



Disney created a breakthrough for this phenomenon to unfold. Their princesses have been the highlight of their arena. And with the unveiling of Moana, the little Somoan girl, they are sure to expand their princess universe.


With last year’s release of Star Wars, the popular franchise has expanded its reach onto the current generation, especially with the female population. Not only did the new movie gave fans new characters to pose as, but it also gives little girls someone to aspire to: Rey.


After the success of Iron Man in 2009, Disney bought over Marvel and gained the intellectual rights to 5,000 of their characters. And with that, they have unleashed a frenzy of Marvel materials, especially in their cinematic universe.

Now with future expansions of their cinematic universe, which includes Spider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel, all leading up to The Avengers: Infinity Wars; together with Netflix’s Luke Cage and Iron Fist leading up to The Defenders, Marvel are certain to dominate the cosplay world in the coming years. But their biggest rival wasn’t going to let them hog the limelight.

Warner Bro.’s


DC came into the picture with a variation of films of their own. With the Batman VS Superman film as their starting point, they too are expanding their cinematic universe.


Leading the way in Comic Con is Suicide Squad, the first comic book turn film, to feature villains as their protagonist. Next up, is Wonder Woman, the first female comic book character to have a leading role in a film, and also to celebrate her 75th anniversary.

On top of that, they also released the trailer to the highly-anticipated Justice League, one that they hope will do better than their Avengers rival.

Justice League Trailer:



Due to the phenomenon, Sony too have dived in to the geek world of comic books, searching for characters that people can bond with. Their recent release of Ghostbusters and their partnership with Marvel for Spider-Man made waves at the Comic Con. But Sony seeks to expand their involvement in the comic book world even further.


Earlier this year, Sony pictures have already tied a deal with Valiant Entertainment, in order to bring two of their award-winning comic book franchises to the big screen – Bloodshot and Harbinger, which will run through the course of five films, starting with Bloodshot in 2017. They even won a war for the film rights to a highly-anticipated comic book, Descender.


And they didn’t stop there. Their partnership with Hideo Kojima, also known as the creator of the popular video game, Metal Gear Solid, ensured their popularity in the gaming industry. Hideo Kojima was a prominent feature at this year’s comic con. He released a logo movie for his new production house known as Kojima Productions, in anticipation for his new game, “Death Stranding.”

Logo movie of Kojima Productions:



With the recent release of Pokemon Go, Nintendo just had to be there to continue on the viral popularity the game has generated around the world.

Here’s a video of someone catching cosplayers via Pokemon style:



They came into the fray, after losing prominence since the 90’s. But they appeared at this year’s Comic Con, knowing exactly what their fans would come looking for: Nostalgia.

They announced the revival of two popular TV shows that will surely catch the attention of most 90’s kids. Hey Arnold! and The Legends of the Hidden Temple will both be having a TV movie come 2017.

The sketches of upcoming Hey Arnold! TV movie


The Legends of the Hidden Temple’s trailer:

The days of people getting ridiculed for reading the lore to these made believe universes are long gone. Nowadays, the more you know about the lore to a popular title, the cooler you are. And there are an abundance of lore still left unexplored by the mainstream media – from games, comics, and even novels.

Although these universes seem ludicrous and over the top, the characteristics that come with the story are as real as you and me. Why? Because we, humans, created them. And to create these characters, part of ourselves need to be instilled in order for you to feel that connection you hold so dear.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?
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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

Don’t want to miss out on the weekly shots of branding? Subscribe to our e-newsletter.

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