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The Gift of Hope

Another Hari Raya dawns upon us. New clothes, familiar faces and miles long of mouth-watering dishes to look forward to. It all paints another joyful festive season, full of smiles and carefree laughter.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for many of our fellow brothers and sisters living all across Malaysia, struggling under the harsh conditions of extreme poverty. Celebrating Hari Raya is nothing but a distant dream, a luxury they simply cannot afford.

Thankfully, change is on its way.

The kind and noble folks at Yayasan Sejahtera are determined to make a difference for these impoverished families, scattered all across the country. In giving the gift of hope, Yayasan Sejahtera seeks to help vulnerable communities create better lives for themselves by providing access to the necessary tools, skills and infrastructure.

Thus, the Sejahtera Website was created.

The idea behind the website is simple, to make contributing a pleasant and effortless task. So easy that with just a click of a button, you will be able to witness the difference you can make, even if it’s only RM10.

The ideology was derived from a mere cardboard box- a vessel, a container so casually dismissed by many, yet once filled and delivered, promises much fulfilling needs to these families.

So, all that needs to be done is for people to visit the website and make a donation. Fill up the box. There, they can discover just how powerful their contributions are and how they can impact the lives of the destitute. A change to their lives is indeed possible.

Psst, in the spirit of giving, why don’t you head on over to the Sejahtera Website too? Lend your support and give these families a chance to experience happiness, free from the shackles of poverty. After all, they, too, deserve to celebrate Hari Raya.


  • Peter Gan

    Good job Guys! But please check the sharethis link. When I posted it on my FB, the link cannot be found. We may be losing valuable traffic here.

  • Humbugger

    Fixed it!

  • spiderbear

    Don't just talk about… donate!

  • Jayne

    Is it meant to show the difference between donating RM10 and RM200? Not implemented yet, but that would be cool. For example, how many homes would I be contributing to if I donated RM10 as opposed to RM200.

  • Jayne

    I do like the positive vibe of the site though. Great!

  • Humbugger

    Hey Jayne,

    Nope it doesn't seem to show the difference yet!

    But yeah I love the simplicity of the site.

  • Jason I WeeMin

    I do like the positive vibe of the site though. Great!

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