Father's Day

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With Father’s Day on the horizon, it’s probably the best time to ponder on that age old conundrum that has stumped wives, children and marketers for ages; what do you give a man who has everything? Or maybe in this case, what can you sell to the people around a man who doesn’t seem to NEED anything?

It’s easier when it comes to the female equation of the parent’s day celebration. For Mother’s Day, there’s always flowers and chocolates, spa days and holidays, manicures, pedicures and relaxing cure alls, fabulous feasts and flashy fashion, and all that jazz. But when it comes to Father’s Day, how often have we ended up with the obligatory ties and tees, the DIY tools and practical equipment, the bottle of wine or the odd Cuban for posterity?

Maybe it’s time we took a page from these forward thinkers who may just have discovered what really makes fathers tick, or have at least come up with novel ideas to pay tribute to that bastion of manliness, that beacon of old-school gentlemanly values, that scion of bemused integrity, the FATHER.

Google+’ New Dad campaign aimed at (obviously) new fathers, plays up on that strange habit of taking countless pictures of newborns, a treasure trove of memories that, more often than not, is promptly wiped out when said new dad loses his phone. Except that with Google+ Instant Upload, every picture taken from a phone installed with this application is instantly backed up to a Google+ album. Also works with fathers who love taking photos of their blossoming gardens, sleek, shiny superbikes, prized deep-sea catches and other slightly more eccentric events. A win for fathers… and Google+.

Tienda Inglesa, a chain of supermarkets and convenience stores, put fathers front and centre in their Father’s Day campaign, essentially allowing individual dads to be the star in their very own Tienda Inglesa commercial. At Tienda Inglesa stores, interested fathers were invited to have their photos taken from several different angles. Then, using motion capture and digital editing technology, the faces of each individual father was spliced together with the bodies of various other “cool” characters, including a dancer, action hero and soccer star, giving the impression that the fathers were, in fact, those characters. The brand put together a commercial for EACH AND EVERY participating father; all of them were put on air for public consumption. Additionally, the brand also created a web application that allowed fathers to create their very own commercial. Tienda Inglesa made fathers the stars… and dads repaid them in kind.

These are just two examples of cut-through, inspiring Father’s Day ideas, but we have to say that this celebration is largely untapped, and therefore ripe for bold, innovative brands to make a lasting impact.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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