… with creative potential, that is. And when I say days, I literally mean the days of the week. If creativity is about changing the status quo and giving things a fresh twist, then by Jove (ok, that’s an absolutely anti-deluvian expression, but that’s just my point!) we have the right to breathe new, modern life into those outmoded, 24-hour segments of time that we take so much for granted.

I mean, look at Monday. “Days of the Moon” indeed. It’s the first day of work, for goodness’ sake. Deadlines. Nose to the grind. Running around getting the coming week organised. I think the Russians got it right with their name poniedielnik, literally after holiday. I, on the other hand, am renaming it, somewhat appropriately methinks, as Moanday. Let the groans begin.

Tuesday. To me, it’s when EVERYTHING is due. Monday’s too early, Wednesday’s too late, so let’s make it Tuesday. Or in this case, Duesday.

Wednesday’s child is full of woe. “Oh, woe is me, the revelry of week’s end is but a distant dream. I think I shalt go mad with this incessant noise and tumult”. I hereby dub thee, the middle of the week, Madnessday.

Ah, Thursday. The end of the work week is so close, I can almost taste it. In a chilled mug. During happy hours. Thursday is now, officially, Thirstday.

It’s Friday! It’s Friday! Oh how time flies, and rightly so! Friday, meet your new best friend, Flyday!

Saturday. In those days of yore, when the Sabbath was observed in its totality, it was said that should a beast of burden accidentally bulldoze (sorry, couldn’t resist) its way into a ditch or a drain or an aqueduct, whatever they called them in those days, that is was forbidden to help the poor creature out because, hey, you’re not supposed to do ANY work on the Sabbath. Fatterday, it seems to me, would have been a far more appropriate name.

And then we come to Sunday. It’s all about the fun on this most relaxing of days, so I figure Funday is as great a name as any.

So that’s my take on how to make even the most mundane things a creative expression. It’s enlightening, it’s empowering and it makes my days just that little more exciting. Try it; a little creativity, after all, does go a long way.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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