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Everyone loves a good battle. A showdown between two prodigious names, locked in an intense battle for supremacy.

Take the Champions League final that took place last weekend, for example. Watched by a worldwide audience of approximately 300 million people, the stage was all set for what many deemed to be an epic clash between two of the biggest and snazziest teams in the whole of Europe.


The final score after 90 excruciatingly long minutes?
Barcelona 3 –1 Manchester United
And it was clear why the formidable Spanish outfit emerged victorious.

They stuck to what they do best.
Pass, pass, and pass. Barcelona didn’t have the most ideal start to the game, but they stayed true to their biggest strength – passing the heck out of the ball. It took them a while to dictate the tempo of the game, but by moving the ball around their opponents relentlessly and ever so remarkably – they succeeded.

Can your brand identify its biggest strength, and use it well?

That one team also knew what to do next.
Leaving Manchester United to spend a great deal of the game playing catch-up. Upon securing a foothold on the game, Barcelona refused to slow down. They kept the pressure going by remaining one step faster and whenever possible, one tackle ahead of their tired opponents, allowing them to control the game in a highly effective and proactive manner.

Has your brand got the tenacity and the resolve to outdo your competitor, too?

They changed the game.
And made it theirs, again and again. As with every game of football, possession was bound to sway, but Barcelona made sure to put the game in their hands by scoring the first goal. Followed up by a tiebreaker, and a final one to nail down the coffin on United’s dream of winning two major league trophies in the season.

Can your brand emulate that same gusto and do whatever it takes to come out top, and stay on top?

And nuances of such showdowns are apparent in big brand rivalries, everyday.
Apple vs Microsoft. Nike vs Adidas. Coke vs Pepsi. Sunsilk vs Pantene.

These rivalries are often tough; sometimes dirty and never, ever seem to end. But analyse them a little further and you’ll stumble upon another crucial take-out from it all: who you compete with, defines who you truly are.

So take a step back and look at your competitors. You may just get to know your brand a little better than before.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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