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The Bullet is dedicated to sharing true stories about brands.

Branding NewsletterWe get that branding is easier said than done. And in most cases, not exactly something you can pick up by just leafing through The Big Book of Branding and mastering Chapters 1 to 25.

No, you know it takes much more than that.

Which is why we created The Bullet, to share with you some true stories about brands. Stories on how they work, what goes into creating them, and how they impact on individuals, businesses, communities and the world, in hopes that you, too, can be inspired to build bigger and stronger brands for yourself and your organisation.

You’ll discover more than just sharp-shooting and inspiring insights on how to build bigger and stronger brands, but also, the key to creating relationships between brands and consumers that work.

And as articles here are fairly easy to digest, you can be sure that learning about branding is a lot less painless than hitting the big books.

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