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The long undisputed battle between Pepsi and Coca Cola has been going on even longer than time itself. As two of the world’s leading cola producers, consumers have always been caught in a conundrum to pick either sides (we’re all somewhat like Luke Skywalker who has to pick either the light or dark side of the force) and with Coke having the higher market share at approximately 40% as compared to Pepsi with roughly 30%, it’s no wonder we commonly encounter this situation: “What would you like to drink? A Coke please. I’m sorry but we only have Pepsi. Oh, yeah I suppose Pepsi’s fine then.”

Even with Pepsi retaliating with and winning the ‘Pepsi Challenge’, consumers still find that attachment to that once cocaine-inspired cola. So what does Coke have that Pepsi doesn’t? Better branding with their distinguished Coke glass bottle, the Joy you get from the Coke side of life or the strikingly bright red Coke colours? Whereas Pepsi endorses celebrities, reinvents itself to keep up with the fast changing pace of life to get you asking for more. I personally prefer Pepsi over Coke but what are your opinions on what works for Coke and what could for Pepsi?

Below is a TV commercial for Pepsi from the mid 1980s. This TVC ad by BBDO won the ‘Best of Cannes’ award and I admit, is rather amusing to watch.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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