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The 10 Types of Facebook Profile Pictures. Which One Are You?

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Our Facebook profiles are basically the online version of ourselves. Similar to how eyes are the windows to the soul, our Facebook profile pictures tell a lot about us because they’re what we choose to show to the world. Some take painstaking effort to capture a good shot while others just couldn’t even be bothered to put a decent photo.

Much of Facebook’s layout and user interface have changed since its inception in 2004. From being able to set our profile picture to our desired size (short or long; thin or wide), to only able to fit it into a square. We can even set a temporary profile photo and guess what, a profile video! Whatever that we decide to upload, it’s now compulsory that they are set to public.

That aside, we can’t help but to notice the common types of profile pictures on Facebook. Which category does yours fall into? Take a look at the list below and see if you could spot yourself!

1.    The Men in Black

man in black

Who they are:
They take everything seriously, including their Facebook.

What they sound like:
“Hey there! In case you don’t know, I’m CEO at Eat, Sleep & Repeat. Look how professional I am. But most of all, I look damn hot, right? Check out this blazer, yo.”

How to spot them:
They look like they’ve just taken a passport photo. An optional white background, wearing a blazer, arms folded/hands in pocket and a professional smile. So formal, they’re ready to go for a job interview anytime.

2.    The Lovebirds


Who they are:
The inseparable Romeo and Juliet in the Facebook world.

What they sound like:
“It’s you and me against the world, baby. Just you and me. You’re the reason who I am today and I can’t live without you. That’s why you deserve the spot next to me in all of my profile pictures.”

How to spot them:
Two people putting arms around each other lovingly, or a pair of Siamese twins making kissy faces. Basically anything lovey dovey.

3.    The Squad Members


Who they are:
Similar to The Lovebirds, but in a larger scale. They’re advocates of girl power or brotherhood. But to be honest, some are actually just shy.

What they sound like:
“See my group of friends right here? They’re my siblings from another mother and also my guardian angels. But they can be a devil to you if any one of you tries to hurt me. So beware.”

How to spot them:
They’re never seen alone in their profile pictures. Think Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video, the epitome of #squadgoals.

4.    The Narcissists


Who they are:
The title says it all. Mostly applied to girls, but guys are no exceptions. They take at least a hundred selfies before arriving at a beautifully edited masterpiece.

What they sound like:
“Look at my flawless no-makeup makeup face. Tell me I’m hot and gorgeous. And make sure you like my photos!”

How to spot them:
The same face and pose but with different clothes on. Location may include in the car, on the bed, or in the toilet.

5.    The Hipsters


Who they are:
They do things out of the ordinary aka swimming against the current. And that’s what makes them cool and edgy.

What they sound like:
“I’m indefinable and I don’t fit into any category. Because if I do, that’ll be too mainstream.”

How to spot them:
Simply said, a person looking as tiny as possible in the photo. In detail, the ratio of their face/body to the backdrop is approximately 1:4. Meaning, a person posing (90 degrees to the left or right) against a plain wall (covered with vines and flowers preferably) with lots of headspace.

6.    The Sexybacks


Who they are:
Mysterious beings with sexy backs that only Justin Timberlake would fall for them.

What they sound like:
“I want you to look at me looking at something more beautiful than my face. Look at this building, flower field, sunset, clear blue ocean with my back facing you.”

How to spot them:
Just look for their sexy backs amidst the enchanting landscape. There’s really nothing more visually appealing than that.

7.    The Activists


Who they are:
Loves doing their part to save the world, one profile picture at a time.

What they sound like:
“There’s a terrorist attack in Paris? Oh my goodness! Alright, time to put on the French flag filter to show my support.”

How to spot them:
It’s everywhere on your newsfeed, depending on when the event happens. If it’s “Save Malaysia, Stop Lynas”, then the photos will green. If it’s Celebrate Pride, they’ll be rainbow-coloured.

8.    The Undercovers


Who they are:
They are the ninjas who would do anything to be in disguise. Well, let’s just say they value privacy and security a lot or they just couldn’t bear to let everyone see their precious face.

What they sound like:
“Oh my god. Nooo. It’s a dangerous world out there. It’s not safe to reveal my true identity. I’ll just stick with this durian photo.”

How to spot them:
They can take in the form of celebrities, animals, flowers, quotes and even random items like coins and toilet brush.

9.    The Otakus


Who they are:
Much like The Undercover, except they’re huge fans of anime and manga. They feel perfectly comfortable being represented by these Japanese animations simply because they match their real life personalities.

What they sound like:
“Naruto’s cool. He’s my idol. It’s only normal that I set my favourite character as my profile picture!”

How to spot them:
A Japanese animation character featuring overly large eyes and underemphasized nose and mouth.

10.    The Vampires


Who they are:
People who maintain the same profile picture for at least the past 3 years. Most of them have gotten used to their friends pestering them for an update.

What they sound like:
“I look good in that picture, why is there a need to change? Plus, I just need an image to fill up the space.”

How to spot them:
Pro tip: Look for the date stamp in their profile picture that probably says 300 BC.

Whatever that you choose to set as your Facebook profile picture, it’s important to know that each carries a personality, or rather a brand of ourselves as an individual. Just imagine the people who might come across your profile – your boss, busybody relatives or even future romantic partner! Yikes! So yes, it takes only that little square and a few seconds to form an impression on someone. And it may just be the one that will either make or break you. So be wise in choosing what you put as your profile picture!

As brand ambassadors, are you conveying the right message with your Facebook profile picture?
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