Your Vision

Your Vision

Quick, take a look at your brand vision or those of your competitors and see if you can spot some of these words.

• Biggest 
• Best 
• Largest
• No.1
• Most Valued   
Most Recognised
Most Respected
• Most Profitable
• Fastest-Moving  
• Fastest-Growing  


Who doesn’t want to be the biggest, best, largest and No. 1?
What company doesn’t want to be recognised, respected, profitable or valued?
What is so important about being the fastest-growing or fastest-moving that it has to be included in a vision?

None of these words create a compelling vision of a world where a particular brand has made a difference, created change, transformed lives, or in fact, done anything at all that isn’t so completely self-absorbed.

You becoming the most valued bank in South-East Asia, or the leading leisure, hospitality and entertainment company, or the fastest-growing recruitment site in the country has little meaning to customers and the world at large, save as fuel for blowing your own horn. It is neither an engaging reason to embrace your brand nor a powerful enough motivator for your staff to perform their very best.

Keep the chest-thumping for the board meeting or awards night, and take an outward focus with your brand vision instead.

When clearly defined, a vision moves and inspires people – and that’s everyone in your company, not just you – beyond monetary gain, and towards something big and idealistic.

A great vision is a powerful motivating force, a clarion call that unites people both within and beyond your company.

That’s why the world’s most recognised, respected, profitable and valued brands have compelling visions.

Phil Knight had a vision; to build a sporting brand dedicated to athletes, innovation and winning.Walt Disney had a vision; to develop quality entertainment for every member of the family.
Mark Zuckerberg had a vision; to create a platform where everyone, young or old, male or female, collegiate or dropout, geeky or cool, could connect and share with the people that mattered to them.

The words may have changed over the years, but these brands still hold steadfast to their vision, and have built their success on it.

So how far do you want to take your brand?
What difference do you want it to make in the world?
Essentially; what’s YOUR vision?

[Image by Flickr user Marcomagrini]

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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