There’s a golden rule that many brand owners know but few dare to act on; if it’s difficult, it’s worth doing. Too time-consuming, too costly, too complex, too big to imagine, too much work for too little ROI; but that’s just missing the point. If it’s something you think is hard, it’s likely that the competition hasn’t thought of doing it because it doesn’t make logical, or economic, sense.

Which means your brand is likely to be the first to do it, and therefore truly stand out.

In Australia, Coke launched a campaign where names of individuals were printed on their drink labels. Mary, John and Richard could now have their very own piece of Coke memorabilia emblazoned with their names, at the same price of a regular Coke.

The production and distribution process were, in a word, hardcore, but they did it anyway. Sales predictably soared.

TNT’s “Push to Add Drama” campaign, used to launch the TV channel in Belgium, intrigued passers-by in a quiet town square to push a red button, just to see what happened. What followed were real-life enactments of dramatic, action-packed sequences, perfectly coordinated and executed, that drew crowds and rave reviews all around the world. Every time the button was pushed, exciting scenes you’d normally only see on TV would come to life, right in front of shocked onlookers.

The planning, coordination and expenditure was immense, but we’re pretty sure 34 million hits on YouTube justifies the amazing effort.

Closer to home, Revive tracked keywords in Twitter conversations. They didn’t just respond to messages that specifically mentioned the brand, but those that presented an opportunity for them to make a difference. Then they sent their on-ground teams with gifts and Revive products, in real time, to those they communicated with to really Rev Up their day.

The logistics were absolutely insane, but Revive did it anyway. Now they’re giving leading isotonic drink brands a run for their money.

So the next time you think an idea’s too ludicrous, impossible or just plain undoable for whatever reason, remember that someone, somewhere, might just be having that same exact thought… and the guts, drive and vision to actually do it.

And then you would have lost the opportunity to create something REALLY memorable and worthwhile for your brand.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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