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Almost everyone grew up watching TV shows; be it sitcom, thriller, drama or sci-fi, every show we adored have moulded the way we think in real life.

Although some may argue that books have shaped human minds more than television, it is undeniable that television has changed our culture on a completely different magnitude. To a certain extent, these TV shows define the entire generation that grew up with them, just as how Nike Air Jordans became a symbol to teenagers in the 80’s.

Generation-X had their good times, growing up in the age where color television started airing quality TV shows that captivated many like Little House on the Prairie, The Jeffersons, and Sesame Street (which continued to win the hearts of kids until today). In this edition of The Bullet, let’s have a look at the influential TV programmes that made us who we are today.

X-Files is the mother of all supernatural/sci-fi/horror TV series that inspired today’s Supernatural and Lost. Tapping on curiosity-evoking topics from extraterrestrial life to government mistrust, X-Files led many of us to give conspiracy theories a room for doubt, believing that “the truth is out there.” Considered as The Guardian of TV series, we have this show to thank for our inquisitive minds and constant dissatisfaction on media-covered “facts.”


Named “one of those rare shows that marked a change in American culture” by critics, Friends introduced the concept of having friends as your family to the audience, however unconventional at that time. You can prove this idea has definitely carried forward through our sheer addiction to Facebook, spending more time with our online family than the ones we share in real life.


The Simpsons
As the front runner of all animated sitcoms, The Simpsons’ signature parody-style humour led to more satirical animated sitcoms that have emerged since, like South Park and The Family Guy. This TV show took our closed-door, political jokes and made it public. Today, because of The Simpsons, it’s okay for us to laugh about controversial issues and use the dismissive term “Meh.”


Who could forget ER? This longest running medical drama series had its fair share of fame and impact upon the millennials. With its constant bombardment of rare diseases and one-in-a-million ailments, ER has awoken the panic-stricken hypochondriac in all of us. If you ever had a cough and admitted yourself to the hospital because you thought you had Lupus, you have George Clooney to thank!


These TV series did more than just entertaining us on Sunday nights while making millions of dollars through syndication and commercials. They impacted various aspects of our lifestyle without us realizing it. Like it or not, each of these programmes are well-known brands on their own because they changed their genre, big time.

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