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Did you know that it was once tradition for families to hold a tea ritual on the first day of Chinese New Year where the younger members of the family serve a sweet tea to older members with good wishes for the year to come? It’s a wonderful tradition that exemplifies the Chinese spirit of filial piety and respect for the elders.

The story of tea itself begins in China, as the tea plant was known from very early times to Chinese botany and medicine. It was highly prized for virtues like relieving fatigue, delighting the soul, strengthening the will and repairing the eyesight. The Taoists even claimed it as an important ingredient of the elixir of immortality.

It’s a humble leaf that has caught the imaginations of nations all around the world with nations as diverse as Japan to India to Morocco to Russia to the British boasting a tea culture.

And at Ganforhire we are firm believers in the power of a great cup of tea.

So we are determined that this should be the year where tea regains its position of importance – as inspiration for greater prosperity in health, relationships and business.

May tea inspire good health
Tea aficionados know that brewing a cup is a welcome respite from daily frustrations. The ritual can be calming, encouraging us to take some time out and a deep breath hence averting breakdowns and undue tension.

Cupped in the palm, it comforts and strengthens and replenishes. It’s no wonder British tea drinkers think that every occasion is an occasion for tea!

And the health benefits of tea are well documented. Filled with antioxidants, its supposed to be good for the skin, for the internal organs, bones, brain and even help one lose weight.

So let’s raise a cup to better health this 2018.

May tea inspire flourishing friendships
In ancient times, tea rooms were the predecessors to our coffee houses and mamak. And they functioned in much the same way, as a welcome respite from the day’s labour, a place to catch up with friends and to make new connections.

After all, we find that a pot of tea can even break the ice more effectively than awkward small talk, serving as a delicately fragrant start of friendship.

May tea inspire great wealth
Many a time, tea is the catalyst for new and great ideas, turning an excuse to take a break into a richly rewarding session more effective than any boardroom roundtable.

We would imagine that over the centuries of tea-drinking, countless deals have been struck over a pot of tea, with an abundance of mutually profitable relationships built and maintained over the flavorful beverage.

So this year, we would love to invite you over to our office for a cup of tea. Let us brew you a cup, and have a chat about how we can help you make 2018 your most prosperous year yet.

From all of us at Ganforhire, Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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