What is the law of the jungle? When Rudyard Kipling coined the phrase ‘Law of The Jungle’ in his poem “The Law of The Wolf”, he outlined a social contract that we all know too well. The expression basically means “Might makes right,” “survival of the fittest,” “dog eat dog” and “eat or be eaten”.

Ultimately, power reigns supreme in the jungle.

But the story doesn’t end there.

To survive, you must decide between fight or flight. Most animals decide to flee. They do this not only literally, but also through blending in with their surrounding. Camouflage is a powerful tool if you want to escape destruction. However, therein lies the rub: To assure the survival of your species, you also need to procreate; And finding a mate means you have to stand out from the ever dizzying number of suitors your partner can choose from.

So how does one remain discreet and inconspicuous, yet stand out, loud and proud, displaying your colours for a potential mate?

This question reads the same for branding. It all depends on how you want your brand to enter the market. From a consumer’s perspective, which attracts you more?

A marker pen – or a Sharpie?
A razorblade – or a Gillette?
A pack of chips – or a can of Pringles?

The generic brand still makes sales and survives to trade another quarter – but no one wants to be a stick insect. You don’t want your brand to be left out and forgotten. You want to be the apex predator. You want to be king of the jungle.

So ask yourself, blend in with your competitors, assuring survival?
Or drop in, guns blazing, ready to kill off your competition?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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