Fake Smile

The more I think about it, the more I find bad branding is equivalent to a fake smile.

A badly thought-out campaign is like a sheepish grin that says “I don’t know what I’m doing either.”

A horrible commercial where characters banter in a completely unreal, doesn’t-happen-in-real-life way is like one of those plasticky, frozen smiles you give when you’re forced to take a picture with someone you don’t really like.

A Facebook page that’s all about pushing product information and blowing a brand’s own trumpet is like a self-indulgent smirk; “I know it all and you should too.”

The problem is, consumers nowadays aren’t given to just grinning and bearing it. If you’re not getting your story straight, chances are your audience isn’t getting the message either, or worse, just isn’t bothered to. Remember, the market is saturated with me-too advertising and been-there, done-that campaigns, most of which is hidden behind a noticeably unreal, almost arrogant leer.

All you need to do to stand out is to give a warm, dazzling, authentic smile that comes straight from the heart; find your truth and say it in the most meaningful, heartfelt way you can think of.

Air Asia practically beams when it says “Yes, we’re cheap. Come fly with us.” BFM gives a broad grin when it proclaims “We’re a business station, and we’re not afraid of getting a little controversial because business is about taking risks.” AIMS almost guffaws when it states that “We’re the biggest guys in the server room; if you want to make it in the ICT space, this is where you should be.”

So, have you got something to really, really smile about?

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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