AirAsia Awesome Funny Safety Measures Announcement

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A recent video circulating online depicts a real-life scene in an Air Asia aircraft where the in-flight safety announcement is presented in a, shall we say, rather refreshing manner.

It’s classic off-the-cuff, everybody’s-doing-it-so-why-should-we rule-bending behaviour by a brand that’s pretty much known to not always play it by the (airline) book. The man behind the announcement, Quinton Dinesh Thomas, a senior flight attendant attached to the no-frills airline, said that his motivation for the quirky, spontaneous script adjustment was so that passengers would sit up and listen to what would normally be a dull, routine affair.

In effect, he turned an aural blind spot into something memorable and engaging for those passengers, and over 340,000 people online (at last count); all just by adding a little human touch and personality to an otherwise dry formality.

Some might argue that there are lines that ought not be crossed when it comes to serious (and especially regulate) content, but really, isn’t the objective of any communication to actually get people to listen, absorb and respond?

Isn’t it funnier when a comedian deviates from his lines and ad-libs a response so unexpected that it elicits similarly unpredictable reactions from his cast members, thereby enhancing the delivery of authentic emotions on screen?

Isn’t it more exciting when a rock star improvises on an arrangement or melody during a live session to make it a unique experience, something that doesn’t sound as if you’re listening to a CD back home?

There’s a time for well researched, thought-out scripts, and a time for split-second magic; the trick is knowing when to cross the line, and when to pull back.

So what can your brand do differently to make your audience sit up and listen?

Like the Air Asia announcement demonstrated, it doesn’t need to be something huge; it just needs to be something great.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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