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2012 is dead and gone, and yes, we’re all still here.

Hello 2013, what have you got in store for us?

Lots of excitement, we’re guessing, although between the Olympics, the US Elections, Red Bull Stratos and Facebook/Instagram’s privacy woes, topping last year’s highlights are going to take some doing. Nonetheless, there’s a lot for the intrepid marketer-technologist-brand practitioner to look forward to, beginning with these tasty tidbits.

Make It Snappy
When Instagram changed its policy terms, there was an instant user backlash, so much so the company and its new owner Facebook had to back down, putting a dampener on monetisation for the service. Meanwhile, competitors like Snapchat have begun to gain momentum. How’s this service different from Instagram? For one, Snapchat messages expire within 10 seconds, so you don’t have to worry about leaving any evidence should any, ahem, sensitive information be uploaded. The Snapchat site has already reached 20 million “snaps” a day, and some brilliant branding whiz is bound to discover a way to make it an exciting part of cutting-edge communication campaigns.

4G, Anyone?
This year will see the rolling out of 4G networks, meaning greater speeds, better access and probably lots more downloading from The Pirate Bay and its ilk. The advent of these networks means we’ll be better connected in more places than ever before, with less lag, less interruption and less delay. Think HD quality downloads, HD video conferencing and multiple HD streams for your favourite Korean serials. And with 4G around the corner, can 10 gigabit networking for your home be far behind?

Tablets on Every Table
Well, maybe not quite yet, but close. 2013 could be the year tablets and E-book readers take their place beside smart phones and media players (or iPods, just to please the Apple lovers) as the new mainstream technology. We’d have shifted from wondering what on earth we would need a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for, to wondering how we ever survived without one. Meanwhile, media and app libraries will continue to grow, offering a bevy of incredible experiences that will change the way we interact, communicate, play, do business and generally waste those minutes between meetings.

Twittering On
Just when you thought Twitter had run its course, it goes and proves everyone wrong… again. All you need to do is look at the Twitter numbers during the US presidential election; on Election Day alone, the service recorded over 31 million election-related tweets, hitting a peak of almost 327,000 tweets per minute! This made the election one of the most viral moments in history, and cemented Twitter as the new power tool for gauging public sentiment about politics and pretty much any time-sensitive event happening in the world. Fast, easy and instant, Twitter is set to continue leaving printed newspapers, conventional broadcast news and man-on-the-street interviews in the dust as its 140-million-odd active user base grows by leaps and bounds. What do you mean you don’t have a Twitter account yet?

The Cloud, with Silver Lining
While Cloud Computing has had its moment in the spotlight in terms of game consoles and Apple iCloud users, the productivity desktop is set to benefit from the awesome power of centralised computing. We’ll see the beginning of high performance cloud-based computing, allowing for extensive and much-needed remote productivity which will change the way many companies do business. Meanwhile, we’ll also require access to bigger and bigger bandwidths, making high-speed Internet networks even more crucial.

So, what are YOU looking forward to most in 2013? Drop us some of your thoughts, and we’ll post them up for our growing readership (yes, possibly on Twitter as well.) Meanwhile, have a brilliant New Year, and here’s to fantastic times ahead.

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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