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As the general public have repeatedly voiced their distaste for overly processed, chemically infused, heart stopping, diabetes inducing foods, one thing is evidently clear – the people have spoken and we’re kicking JUNK out.

Yes, healthy living and fitness have grown to be more than being just a phase or another box to tick during your midlife crisis. It’s real and it’s snowballing fast, ploughing through all that stands in its way!

Fast food brands as well as processed/canned goods are bearing the brunt of this fresh food revolution as these companies are struggling to keep afloat during this wave (or should I say typhoon) of wholesome living.

As Kraft Foods Group saw a fourth-quarter net loss of $398 million and big conglomerates like PepsiCo, McDonald’s and Subway are being forced to reformulate their ingredients, packaged food and beverage companies are obviously under the gun and are in dire need to rethink their strategies as well as their entire brand DNA (as obesity can now also be counted as a genetic trait).

So what are we to expect as a consumer during this new era of health consciousness?

A Transformation In Image

Like their consumers; brands that use artificial additives, preservatives and flavours will be trimming down the fat, in both their ingredients and brand image. What better example to give than McDonald’s who’ve been under much scrutiny over the past few years.

From McDonald’s swapping their red logo with a “deep hunter green” to exude freshness and push their green incentives, to their new campaign “Archenemies” where they upped the lovin’ tenfold –they and the likes are trying their hardest to turn brand perception around and prove that they have turned over a new leaf.

More Digestible Information

From articles popping up on your Facebook (like this one) to innovative health apps, the use of easy and available information for the people and what they are eating will inadvertently put the power back in the people’s hands.

For example in Britain, they are currently using traffic light labels to provide an easy-to-understand labelling system that highlights junk food as red and fresh food as green, proving to be an extremely effective scheme to educate the masses in a quick and simple manner (minus the calorie counting).

Fast Food 2.0

Be prepared for a new wave of fast food joints who are out to challenge junk food trends and turn the industry on its head. Places like Chipotle and Panera offer the same make-up but higher quality food, maintaining the fast in fast food but not compromising its ingredients.

These may just be the first few but brace yourself for a wave of newcomers as our dependency and taste for junk dies a natural death and brings to life a new breed of restaurateurs.

Are you ready for the health food revolution?

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