Every Raya, we look forward to the same things : Balik kampung, rendang tok, main mercun, the meriah feeling, new clothes, asking for forgiveness from our nearest and dearest, and just enjoying the general feeling of joy and togetherness,  surrounded by our family and friends.

But every Raya is also a new opportunity for certain factions of our family to corner us with some awkward, embarrassing and altogether too personal questions. You know the ones:

When are you getting married?

Remember the time you blew the kitchen up/set something on fire/drove Grandpa’s car into a wall?
And so on and so forth. It could be seen as a minor annoyance, or it could be majorly scarring if the word spreads and everyone gets in on the act. Teasing may be harmless but it can totally cast a gloom over your Raya festivities.

However, have you ever considered that a shift of perspective may be all you need to feel better about what your relatives say?

Their tone may be harsh but their intentions may be more affectionate than malicious. It may even be that they really do care but have a hard time saying it (Asians being famously reticent about expressing our feelings).

So this Raya, we’ve compiled a series of situations we all face and some of the likely reasons why our elders might say the things they do. So maybe you’ll find it a bit easier to take a step back and consider your reactions with some compassion.

To forgive and truly live the spirit of the season.

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From all of us at Ganforhire, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

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