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In the realm of attention grabbing adverts, we here at The Bullet are noticing an onslaught of scare related ads that cleverly frighten unsuspecting individuals like some sort of horrific day time prank show.

Or as we’d like to call it, ‘Frightentainment’.

Yes, these are the likes of the coffee shop telekinesis prank for the upcoming Carrie remake, the zombie infested sidewalk grate for the new season of The Walking Dead, the knife wielding doll for the newest Chucky movie, the dead guy in a taxi boot for the Sopranos and the list goes on.

The structure is simple – take the scariest element of your TV show or movie, apply into everyday life, target fainthearted victims and make sure to cover it with a tonne of hidden cameras (so we can capture their screams and terror from every angle!).
And voilà, you have yourself a viral advert that will attain thousands of shares and millions of views!

By witnessing the overall success of this strategy, it would only make sense to bring shock-related advertising to Malaysia to not only get brands noticed but to also scare the sarongs off some of our locals.

Think about it – we live in a highly superstitious culture where everybody has a good personal ghost story to tell, alongside a whole variety of the supernatural entities that we believe in (unlike our Western ‘floating-beheaded-ghost-in-a-castle’ counterparts).

To take it up a notch why not also extend these tactics onto non-horror related mediums and into everyday brands that we know?

So here are some of our suggestions:

Nasi Kandar
Hire an undead flash mob to saunter over to a Nasi Kandar at about 3 in the morning while the streets are eerily quiet with minimal pedestrians on the road. Without causing harm, the people who do spot this strange encounter will be eager to follow. Once reaching their destination, there will be a sign that reads something like, “So delicious, it’s out of this world.”


Genting Highlands
This one can be done almost anywhere with any sort of horrific master plan. From serial murders chasing you down the street to prosthetic hands grabbing you from a public toilet bowl, the message is simple: “If you call that a scream, just wait till you try our rides!”


Located in the baby aisle of a pharmacy or supermarket, plant a ‘toyol’ (demon child) somewhere on the shelves. While unsuspecting mothers shop for supplies, have this little devil burst out wailing screams of terror. As these poor mothers nearly defecate themselves over the shock, you can drop a sign that reads, “Think how your baby feels! Make the right choice, make the dry choice” or something of the sort.


On a more serious note, we would have thought pranks and cheap scares would have been left at the 90s shaped door along with ‘Just For Laughs’ and ‘Punk’d’. A good and/or creative message doesn’t necessarily have to be terrorised into their audience or be projected through another’s expense but instead, hit real human emotions to drive home your message making it that much more memorable.

Is your brand using fear to get its message across?

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How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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