OMG LOL on Oxford Dictionary

O.M.G… Guess what made the list of new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary? You’ll never guess, LOL. Let’s see, there’s sexting, which is, well, we’re pretty sure you know what that is, and if you don’t, then look it up in the dictionary because it’s there now! Weiner for the win!

On to darker matters. Cyberbullying reached new lows in 2011, with even more teen suicides caused by this social ill, prompting the creation of countless anti-cyberbullying groups online to combat this growing threat.

And since tweet made it into the list in 2011, it was only a matter of time its repetitious counterpart did as well. So go ahead, beat a hasty retweet.

Then, there’s Woot! You know, the phrase that originated from the Dungeons & Dragons term “Wow, loot!” but has been truncated to denote any expression of excitement? Yes, that one.

And what has all this got to do with your brand? Well, for one, all six words, yes, including OMG and LOL, are linked to the digital or online spheres. They’ve become so ingrained in popular culture and usage that they’ve actually become accepted as a norm. Now think of other words that are so intuitive that you use them as part of your vocabulary, even if they aren’t real words, and you actually didn’t mean to ask exactly for those things.

“Can you get me some Colgate please?”

“I need you to Xerox these.”

“Just put it in the Thermos.”

So, what’s the word on YOUR brand?

How would your brand participate in the golden age of the geek?

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